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Best deal broker March announcement

In our previous buzz item: “Broker of the month update”, we announced that we are back with the announcement of the best deal broker of the month. A small recap of previous months:

  1. November 2018; Coinmerce
  2. December 2018; Coinmerce
  3. January 2019; Coinmerce
  4. February 2019; none announced
  5. March 2019; to be announced

The best deal broker of the month is determined by cumulating buy and sell prices of all the best deals that are shown on our homepage. Logically, the larger the variety of crypto offered, the most chance of becoming the winner. Yet, that doesn’t determine everything as we’ve seen with previous months. As of writing the amount of crypto per the largest brokers is as following:

Knaken 234
Bitladon 165
Coinmerce 90
Litebit 57
Bitvavo 48

As deals change several times a day, due to the fluctuation of prices, the broker with the best deal can therefore change as well. Due to the fluctuation we take two snapshots per day, to the determine the broker for that day. So we did for the month March.

Best deal broker announcement

Coinmerce is still going for that winning streak, but the question remains, will they succeed with March? During the beginning of March Bitvavo launched their new exchange. With that launch they rearranged the costs, reducing their margin on the fees, making them a competitor to look out for. Yet they are lacking the variety of crypto in compare to their competitors.

Currently we compare 143 crypto buy and sell prices from 15 brokers and exchanges. Based on the prices from the 143 crypto, we are going to announce the top three brokers for the month March. For previous months we only announced one broker.

At number 3: Bitvavo! New exchange, new prices and a new dashboard. Still an average of 53 times which is 18,53% over 286 prices. Good for a number three spot.

At number 2: Bitladon! Almost having the most crypto to offer with 140 of them which we compare. At an average of 83 times which is 29% over 286 prices. Smelling the gold of the trophy at a number two spot.

At number 1: Coinmerce! With an average majority of 124 times which is 43,36% over 286 prices. Congratulations Coinmerce with the best deal ‘broker of the month March’ and keeping the winning streak in Amstelveen.

Broker of the month at CoinCompare

Will Coinmerce prolong with April?

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