Shiba Inu up almost 900% and Top 5 best providers

Hi CoinCompanion, what a month! One crypto after an other wrote a new all time high. We dare to say that everyone needs to recover from that for a while. However, the crypto market never sleeps and the bulls don’t seem to stop either, so it’s not over yet. The noteworthy developments in October are those of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Bitcoin made history on October 20, 2021 by breaking the April 2021 all time high. 1 bitcoin reached a value of € 57,574. Not much later the price dropped to the € 50,000 mark, but at the time of writing bitcoin seems to be preparing for an upward surge. Ethereum managed to set a record high on October 29 with a value of € 3814.48.

Bitcoin BTC chart record

Surely, the crypto that stirred up the most in the market was Shiba Inu with the ticker SHIB. This crypto rose with 883.33% within one month gigantically! If you bought SHIB for € 100.- at the beginning of October, it was worth € 883.- at the end of October. Due to the gigantic rise, Shiba Inu managed to establish itself above Dogecoin based on market capitalization. Want to know more about Shiba Inu? Then read our comprehensive info page here.

Shiba Inu SHIB chart record

Amount of crypto on CoinCompare

We started October with 192 crypto of which we compare the prices. With a few additions and removals at providers, we now compare 195 different crypto. On CoinWall, where all the crypto offered by our providers are displayed, we now support 285 different crypto.

Top 5 crypto ups and downs

Below is the complete list of the top 5 ups and downs in October and where to buy them for the best price:

+883.33% Shiba Inu (SHIB) Bitvavo
+306.80% Secret (SCRT) Coinmerce
+293.19% Decentraland (MANA) Bitvavo
+232.38% NuCypher (NU) Bitvavo
+149.98% Verasity (VRA) Coinmerce
Downs Buy the dip?
-42.51% Braintrust (BTRST) Coinbase
-42.25% Genesis Vision (GVT) Bitladon
-37.23% Shiden Network (SDN) Bitladon
-25.25% Ubiq (UBQ) Bitladon
-24.95% Populous (PPT) Coinmerce

Best crypto deal provider of the month

Throughout the month, 14 providers with 196 price comparable cryptos, with 392 buy and sell prices were monitored to compile the top 5 best crypto deal providers. No surprises, but still a few changes. Here are the best crypto deal providers of the month of October:

#5 Knaken!

Amount of hits: 10
Share: 2.55%

Knaken continues to expand sponsorships in the Dutch soccer league. In early October, they announced that in addition to sponsoring the men of Feyenoord, they are now sponsoring the women of Feyenoord. With these collaborations, Knaken wants to further inform Feyenoord’s supporters and introduce them to their safe and simple way of investing in crypto.

Last month, Knaken had to share its spot with BLOX. In October, BLOX comes up just short to stay at position 5 and therefore remains behind Knaken. With a small increase of 0.21% in October, Knaken settles alone on the #5 position.

Read our comprehensive review of Knaken or go directly to Knaken.

Crypto updates Knaken

Listed: none
Removed: none
Total offerings: 68

#4 Coinmerce!

Amount of hits: 35
Share: 8.92%

At Coinmerce, little changes have taken place and therefore remain at the #4 position. The crypto broker from Amstelveen is the only provider on CoinCompare that consistently sends out its newsletters with interesting knowledge articles and market developments. If you trade at Coinmerce, it is advisable to sign up for these newsletters as well. That way you’ll always be up to date with all the news and developments.

Read our comprehensive review of Coinmerce or go directly to Coinmerce.

Crypto updates Coinmerce

Listed: none
Removed: none
Total offerings: 160

#3 Bitladon!

Amount of hits: 37
Share: 9.43%

After Bitvavo added a lot of new crypto, it was Bitladon’s turn. The crypto broker from Aalsmeer added 14 new crypto to its portfolio in October and removed two. Of the added crypto, six are new and unique on CoinCompare. So their prices are not comparable. Of the remaining eight, three have made it possible for us to compare prices, but Bitladon unfortunately has to give up in terms of prices. A small drop of 1.50% in hits has caused Bitladon to drop to position #3.

Read our comprehensive review of Bitladon or go directly to Bitladon.

Crypto updates Bitladon

Listed: Gala (GALA), Harvest Finance (FARM), Helium (HNT), Injective Protocol (INJ), Klaytn (KLAY), Mirror Protocol (MIR), Moonriver (MOVR), Near (NEAR), Origin Protocol (OGN), Oxygen (OXY), Raydium (RAY), Shiden Network (SDN), THORChain (RUNE), USD Coin (USDC)
Removed: BLOX (CDT), Tether (USDT)
Total offerings: 204

#2 Binance!

Amount of hits: 65
Share: 16.58%

Unfortunately, it will take some time before Binance will be operational and accessible in the Netherlands as you are used to. The Dutch language is still suspended, as well as payment method iDEAL and bank transactions to banks based in the Netherlands. It may be clear that Binance is under fire, but we are convinced that Binance will get its business in order according to the wishes of the authorities. Despite the ongoing regulation of the largest crypto exchange, it has managed to establish itself at the #2 position, leaving Bitladon behind. With a whopping 6.69% increase in hits, Binance is the number two best crypto deal provider of October on CoinCompare.

Read our comprehensive review of Binance or go directly to Binance and take advantage of our lifetime discount on their transaction fees.

Crypto updates Binance

Listed: Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO), FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO)
Removed: none
Total offerings: 38

#1 Bitvavo!

Amount of hits: 227
Share: 57.90%

Bitvavo did not come out unscathed in October. On October 27, many customers experienced problems with the connection, placing orders and the spread between buy and sell prices. All problems came from a lack of capacity to handle the large volume of traffic. The unexpected amount of traffic was due to the rising price of Shiba Inu (SHIB) and interest which caused FOMO. It should be clear that Bitvavo needs to scale up quickly to handle the peak traffic and thus retain customers. On the night of November 5, a system update will be released to handle more capacity.

Despite the capacity issues, Bitvavo remains the #1 crypto provider with the best buy and sell prices on CoinCompare. Even though they have lost substantially to Binance. The Amsterdam-based exchange had 246 hits in September and 227 in October. A drop of 6.16%, but still enough to stay ahead of all competitors on CoinCompare.

Read more about Bitvavo or go directly to Bitvavo and take advantage of our welcoming discount.

Crypto updates Bitvavo

Listed: none
Removed: none
Total offerings: 156

Broker of the month at CoinCompare

The best deal provider of the month is determined independently with the average of cumulating snapshots of buy and sell prices of all the best deals that are shown on our comparison page. Logically, the larger the variety of crypto offered, the most chance of becoming the winner. Yet, in the end it is still the price of the crypto that matters as it has to be comparable and shown as best deal. Discounts in Tiers and VIP levels are not included in the calculation. As deals change several times a day, due to the volatility of prices, the provider with the best deal can therefore change as well. Due to that fluctuation we take two snapshots per day to determine the best deal provider, with the most hits on our price comparison page, for that day.

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