September most often bearish and Top 5 best crypto deal providers

Hi CoinCompanion, September is a month that goes down in the books as one that often sees losses. Not only in the crypto market, but also in the stock market. March is also often a loss-making month, but for 2021 that month ended positive with +29.84%. Now that September 2021 has ended, the result can be included in the overview. Below the overview of monthly returns on Bitcoin (BTC):

Bitcoin BTC monthly returns

If you had bought bitcoin at the beginning of September for €39,896, it was worth €37,512 at the end of September. A loss of -5.98%. September is therefore officially the worst month to get a return on bitcoin. If you look at October on the other hand, than September is a good month to stock up. ‘Buy the dip’ at the cheapest provider for the best return.

Amount of crypto on CoinCompare

We started September with 178 crypto of which we compare the prices of. Among the many crypto listings at Bitvavo in September, 14 of them have allowed us to compare the prices of. Because of those 14, we are now comparing prices of 192 different crypto coins. On CoinWall, where all the crypto offered by our providers are displayed, we now support 275 different crypto.

Top 5 crypto ups and downs

Below is the complete list of the top 5 ups and downs in September and where to buy them for the best price:

+181.74% Celer Network (CELR) Bitvavo
+142.34% Blox (CDT) Bitladon
+100.23% Phantasma (SOUL) Bitladon
+92.92% OMG Network (OMG) Bitvavo
+91.23% Polymath (POLY) Bitvavo
Downs Buy the dip?
-66.33% Populous (PPT) Coinmerce
-60.62% Braintrust (BTRST) Coinbase
-47.97% Smooth love Potion (SLP) Bitvavo
-47.57% Rarible (RARI) Knaken
-44.94% PlayDapp (PLA) Coinbase

Best crypto deal provider of the month

Throughout the month, 14 providers with 192 price comparable cryptos, with 384 buy and sell prices were monitored to compile the top 5 best crypto deal providers. Due to Bitvavo’s listings in September, the top 5 has changed considerably from last month. Here are the best crypto deal providers of the month of September:

#5 BLOX and Knaken!

Amount of hits: 9
Share: 2.34%

It is not the first time, but rare that two crypto providers have to share the same spot as best deal provider. For Knaken, nothing has changed in terms of position compared to August, but for BLOX, on the other hand, it has. BLOX climbs up one spot from 6 to 5. Both providers lose hits on the number of times they had the best deal. In all likelihood the loss is a result of the listings at Bitvavo.

Read our comprehensive review of BLOX or go directly to BLOX and take advantage of our welcoming bonus.

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Crypto updates BLOX and Knaken

Listed: none
Removed: none
Total offerings: BLOX 31, Knaken 68

#4 Coinmerce!

Amount of hits: 36
Share: 9.37%

The big loser among crypto providers is Coinmerce. Coinmerce had 57 hits with a 16.01% share in August. That was enough for the number 2 spot in the top 5. Just as September was a bad month for investing in general it was also a bad month for Coinmerce in terms of times when they had the best deal. A total of 36 hits were registered which provides a share of 9.37%. A loss of -6.64% resulting going from spot 2 to 4! The loss can be traced to the expansion of crypto at competitor Bitvavo.

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Crypto updates Coinmerce

Listed: none
Removed: none
Total offerings: 160

#3 Binance!

Amount of hits: 38
Share: 9.89%

The Dutch language is still suspended at Binance. This is done because Binance is not (yet) registered with the DNB. Foreign crypto providers such as eToro, Bitstamp and OKCoin are now registered with the DNB. We assume that it will not be long before the registration of Binance will be processed. Then the Dutch language will return and more euro (€) pairs will be added. Still, with the offer of 34 crypto coins with euro (€) pairs, Binance managed to rise from spot 4 to 3. In August they had 35 hits with a share of 9.83%. September was not much different with an increase of 0.06%. Since Binance has not been hit by Bitvavo’s listings, it is a direct competitor to Bitvavo when Binance starts adding more crypto with euro (€) pairs.

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Crypto updates Binance

Listed: none
Removed: none
Total offerings: 191

#2 Bitladon!

Amount of hits: 42
Share: 10.93%

Bitladon back on spot 2! The difference with Binance and Coinmerce is not great, so there is no certainty of retaining spot 2. In terms of best deal moments, Bitladon is also suffering from the listings at Bitvavo. Whereas in August there were still 48 hits with a share of 13.48%, in September the number of hits dropped by 2.55%. As a result, Bitladon is more likely to compete on prices with Coinmerce and Binance for spot 2 than Bitladon for spot 1.

Read our comprehensive review of Bitladon or go directly to Bitladon.

Crypto updates Bitladon

Listed: none
Removed: none
Total offerings: 191

#1 Bitvavo!

Amount of hits: 246
Share: 64.06%

In our previous buzz, about the best deal provider, we mentioned that Bitvavo had set a record with the largest number of hits of best prices. In September, Bitvavo exceeded that record. By adding 35 new crypto in September, the Amsterdam-based exchange has 64.06% of buy and sell prices at the best price. That’s unprecedented increase of 69 hits (14.35%) compared to August. With the addition of those 35 new crypto coins, Bitvavo now offers 156 different crypto. Only Coinmerce and Bitladon offer more. Despite that number of crypto coins, Bitvavo is the #1 best deal provider on CoinCompare.

Read our comprehensive review of Bitvavo or go directly to Bitvavo and take advantage of our welcoming discount.

Crypto updates Bitvavo

Listed: Aavegotchi (GHST), AdEx (ADX), Akropolis (AKRO), Ampleforth Governance Token (FORTH), Audius (AUDIO), Automata (ATA), BarnBridge (BOND), Celer Network (CELR). Chromia (CHR), Clover Finance (CLV), Civic (CVC), COTI (COTI), Dia (DIA), District0x (DNT), Enzyme (MLN), JUST (JST), Keep Network (KEEP), Linear (LINA), Litentry (LIT), LTO Network (LTO), Marlin (POND), Mask Network (MASK), Metal (MTL), Mirror Protocol (MIR), My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), NKN (NKN), NuCypher (NU), Oasis Network (ROSE), Perpetual Protocol (PERP), Phala Network (PHA), Polymath (POLY), Rally (RLY), Serum (SRM), Streamr (DATA), SuperFarm (SUPER)
Removed: none
Total offerings: 156

Broker of the month at CoinCompare

The best deal provider of the month is determined independently with the average of cumulating snapshots of buy and sell prices of all the best deals that are shown on our comparison page. Logically, the larger the variety of crypto offered, the most chance of becoming the winner. Yet, in the end it is still the price of the crypto that matters as it has to be comparable and shown as best deal. Discounts in Tiers and VIP levels are not included in the calculation. As deals change several times a day, due to the volatility of prices, the provider with the best deal can therefore change as well. Due to that fluctuation we take two snapshots per day to determine the best deal provider, with the most hits on our price comparison page, for that day.

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