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Cashcow, Bitvavo, CoinCompare, Throwback, and…

Goodbye Summer 2019, welcome Fall 2019. In this Buzz we throwback on what September brought us. Subjects as the Cashcow awards, Bitvavo news, CoinCompare, What happened summary, Crypto listings, the top 5 ups and downs and of course the recurring best deal broker of the month announcement. Unlike August, which was relatively boring, September showed how ‘evil’ the crypto market can be.


No, we are not, Mr. Bitcoin Roller Coaster Gladiator Guy. Although we all know what happened (#bakkt), there are also some good things to talk about.

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Cashcow award Beste Crypto Broker

On 27th September at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, the Cashcow award was presented for the Best Crypto Broker. The Cashcow awards are a initiative by Cash magazine, and investmenstsclub Bull Up. It is the first time that Cashcow has crypto related categories, which will become a benchmark for the cryptobranch in the Netherlands. The Cashcow nominees for the Best Crypto Broker award were Anycoin Direct, Bitladon, Bitonic, BTC Direct, Coinmerce and LiteBit. Nearly 4000 investors cast their votes. They chose which financials in ten different categories are worthy of an award. The winners in the crypto related categories are:

Best Dutch Cryptofund: Icoinic
Best Crypto Broker: LiteBit

Twitter tweet LiteBit winner Cashcow Best Crypto Broker

On behalf of the whole CoinCompare team, congratulations.

Bitvavo on Coinmarketcap

It is every crypto related company’s dream to be listed/noted on big exchanges or comparison/data giants like Binance and Coinmarketcap. To achieve such awareness you either need to pay a big fee or get noticed by following the rules and ensuring the requirements are met. Bitvavo a broker with offering a variety of over 50 crypto’s transitioned their services to an exchange in March 2019, which was the first step to get noticed. After months of work aligning the requirements of Coinmarketcap, their moment is finally there. Bitvavo is officially listed on the big Coinmarketcap since the 25th of September. Information as portfolio, prices, pairs and volume is visible for the world to see. Congratulations team Bitvavo.

Curious what Bitvavo has to offer? Check out the exchange here.


We at CoinCompare like to make sure that you are well aware on what we are working on and ensuring you don’t miss a good deal.
Some topics take longer than others as we are a small dedicated team that tries to put available spare time into the website. The following biggest subjects are still ongoing:

  • Loading time website mobile*;
  • Expanding information brokers;
  • Adding and expanding information crypto’s;
  • Expanding our Crypto Guide;
  • Continuity on social media.

*We have temporarily disabled the graphs in the tiles on the homepage to solve the loading time problem. In the meantime we are working on the permanent solution.

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Coinmerce; released their how-to start guide

Coindesk; $1 billion worth in bitcoin moved

ING Survey; When will cryptocurrencies become mainstream?

Download/read report of survey here.

Altcoin Magazine; Launch Bakkt a disappointment for bitcoin causing decline?

Crypto listings and top 5 ups and downs

Crypto comes, crypto goes, price goes up, price goes down. Unfortunately it went down hard on the 24th of September. Bitcoin declined almost € 1000,- within two hours on CoinCompare. BTC Direct had the following conclusion in their article (Dutch):

More than $600 million of long contracts on BitMEX have been liquidated. It is unlikely that the liquidation on BitMEX has started the crash, but they have contributed to it. When the price at the bottom of this zone broke, many long positions on BitMEX had exceeded their margins. All these ‘lost’ bitcoins are sold on the market and this caused a further and harder decline of the price. This is called a long squeeze. The long positions are squeezed like a lemon.

Below an overview of which crypto’s have been listed and delisted in September. Keep in mind that we focus on the listings of crypto’s where we compare the prices of. If possible, we track incomparable (de)listings as well.

Knaken: Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), Morpheus.Network (MRPH) Knaken: Decision Token (HST)
Bitladon: Beam (BEAM), Dai (DAI), Elrond (ERD), Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), Paxos Standard (PAX), Function X (FX) Bitladon: –
Coinmerce: WINk (WIN) Coinmerce: –

As of writing the total amount of unique and comparable crypto, per the largest brokers and exchanges, are as following in compare to previous month:

Knaken 242 (-)
Bitladon 199 (+7)
Coinmerce 141 (+1)
Bitvavo 58 (-)
LiteBit 48 (-8) Currently under going maintenance due to wallet support. Among them are Monero, NEM and Zcash. Full article here.
Anycoin Direct 25 (-)
CoinCompare 176 (+6)

We started September with 170 crypto’s and ended with a plus six, resulting in 176 different crypto’s on our unique one page price comparison overview.

Dock (DOCK) +78.64% Spendcoin (SPEND) -59.92%
FunFair (FUN) +46.43% Dusk Network (DUSK) -50.13%
Aragon (ANT) +31.80% COTI (COTI) -46.17%
Viberate (VIB) +28.85% GXChain (GXC) -45.51%
Red Pulse Phoenix (PHB) +28.58% Wanchain (WAN) -43.75%

Best deal broker of the month

And as final, the announcement of CoinCompare’s best deal broker of the month. Please read the disclaimer below the trophy to understand how the best deal broker is determined. Here are the winners of September:

#3: Bitladon! had a meet-up on the 21st of September where they announced that their app is coming! It will be released first for Android and later for iOS. Great news as we at CoinCompare believe in freedom of mobility to trade whenever, wherever! It is known that the commission/fee at Bitladon is little bit higher than their competitors. Therefore, again receiving bronze. From 52 entries and a 15.20% share in Augustus to 48 entries and a 13.71% share in September. Again a loss. This time -1.49%. Competition is lurking.

#2: Bitvavo! We hope that Bitvavo will get more and more publicity due to being added on Coinmarketcap. Although, we believe that their social media activity should also get some more attention. Probably to busy working on their next project. Silver for September. A stable month for Bitvavo with having the exact amount as in August. With 103 entries and a 29.42% share, it is still looking promising for the Dutch exchange!

#1: Coinmerce! Go big or go home! That is the motto for the brothers from Amstelveen. Introducing the start-up guide, which makes it convenient for new players in the crypto market to get familiar with the process of creating an account up to doing their first trade. Great work! Also Coinmerce is having a stable month. From 142 entries and a 41.52% share in August to 143 entries and a 40.85% share in September. A minus 0.66% negligible difference. Congratulations Coinmerce, with being the Best Deal Broker on CoinCompare!

Broker of the month at CoinCompare









The best deal provider of the month is determined independently with the average of cumulating buy and sell prices of all the best deals that are shown on our homepage. Logically, the larger the variety of crypto offered, the most chance of becoming the winner. In the end it is still the price of the crypto that matters as it has to be comparable. Discounts in Tiers and VIP levels are not included in the calculation. As deals change several times a day, due to the volatility of prices, the broker with the best deal can therefore change as well. Due to that fluctuation we take two snapshots per day to the determine the broker for that day with the most entries on our main page of our website.

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