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1st birthday cryptoprices comparison site CoinCompare!

Eindhoven, May 2019

Cryptocurrencies and investing in it has become the new way of investing in recent years, but in which crypto should you invest? And what’s that gonna cost?

After several years of studying the quality and especially the value of the various crypto, CoinCompare started very successfully in 2018 and already had its first birthday at the end of April.

Founder and director of CoinCompare, Jeroen Peels, is extremely enthusiastic about this success: “We didn’t just want to set up a price comparison site, as my predecessor BenWoldring in telecom and energy has already done with successful websites such as or, but also a site where the right information and support is given about the different crypto and the providers.”.

We see that the crypto market is becoming more and more commonplace for more and more people and that the world of crypto is beginning to mature, because more and more people can pay with crypto…

It’s good to know what you’re investing in as a novice investor, but also as a user.

It will soon be possible to see the price history of the different crypto’s via CoinCompare and although the past is no guarantee for the future, it does give a good picture of its value and its development.

It is difficult to predict whether entry into these phases of the market is a sensible choice. CoinCompare will give you insight into the real-time quotes and the price development in order to be able to make your decisions. It will remain a market of ‘FOMO’, which stands for Fear Of Missing Out and ‘I wish I’d bought it before’. A major player in the field of comparing crypto prices is the dream we finally have with this unique comparison site, but after toasting the successful 1 year anniversary we will take stock of how fast we will grow in the 2nd year.

Webbureau Webber from Eindhoven who developed the technology behind CoinCompare together with online marketing agency Boys with Brains were somewhat surprised by the success of the crypto pricing comparison site. Wino van Lieshout of Webber: “I did realize that crypto coins and blockchain, the technique involved, are the new ‘shares’ for the future. I just didn’t expect that with an independent price comparison site, with now more than 145 different coins we already have such a nice position in the global trade in these crypto coins.”

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Prefer comparing real-time prices for all crypto's and providers?