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Libra, Coinmerce, CoinCompare, Listings and..

And again a month comes and goes! You could say time flies while you are enjoying rate fluctuations and the Libra roller coaster for example. In this month’s Buzz we highlight a couple recaps and announce the best deal broker of the month.

What is Libra?

RTL Z, a Dutch financial news channel, has explained a few features about the Libra and why banks and governments are increasingly concerned. But are the concerns justified?

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5 reasons why Libra is not a cryptocurrency

According to the pillars of Andreas Antonopoulos, a cryptocurrency with a blockchain should have the following features: Open, Public, Neutral, Border-less and Censorship resistant.

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Libra under fire during Capitol Hill hearing

Libra has been called a “national security issue” as it can be misused by money launderers and can be used for financing terrorism. Will Mr. Zuckerberg pull the plug on the Libra project? Or is it just going to continue as these arguments are also mentioned when it comes to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?


Coinmerce donates to Plastic Whale

In a world full of people comes a world with a lot of waste. A lot! 80% of the plastic comes from mainland and ends up in our blue beautiful oceans which is a worldwide problem. Coinmerce contributes as they started a donation on 24th of July by donating € 1,- to Plastic Whale for every trade done on their platform. Here the post of the results:

“We have processed 1124 trades and therefore will donate € 1124,-. With this donation the Plastic Whale Foundation is able to take 45 school kids plastic fishing and follow an education program to teach them about solutions for the problem of the plastic soup.”

Good initiative, as all bits help!

Plastic in beautiful blue ocean

More about Plastic Whale: website


As told in our previous Buzz, we continued expanding the information on the provider pages. Information as Security measurements, Commissions and fees and more Sources as address and Social Media will become available for all brokers.
On the 19th we happily introduced our charts on the main page (buy up to 7 days) and on the crypto pages for a larger timeline with the buy and sell spread. It will give you as user more insight on how the average Euro (€) fiat price fluctuations goes. We measure and save the input we retrieve from the brokers which makes us independent from other crypto price radars, like Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to see any rates in the charts before June, as we started saving the input in the first week of June.

To be more involved in the crypto market and share more of what we do, we decided that we have to get along the Twitter-train. We share website updates, listings, delistings, price updates and more.. Give us a follow, so you don’t lose track: CoinComparecc #wecomparebecauseyoucare.

Anycoin Direct added us to their Partners & Useful links page. Thanks for the support! Would you also like to partner up? Send us an e-mail to and let’s see how we can help each other out.

Have something else you would like share or just want to give us feedback? Please share, we really appreciate it: Share your thought!

Crypto listings

Crypto comes, crypto goes. Below an overview of which crypto has been listed and delisted in July. Keep in mind that we focus on the listings of crypto where we compare the prices of. If possible, we will track incomparable listings.


Knaken: Chromia (CHR), Dragonchain (DRGN), Dusk Network (DUSK), Fantom (FTM), Quant (QNT), Spendcoin (SPND)
Bitladon: Agrello (DLT), Algorand (ALGO), Aragon (ANT), Blox (CDT), Bluzelle (BLZ), Bread (BRD), Celer Network (CELR), Chromia (CHR), COTI (COTI), Dent (DENT), Dock (DOCK), Dusk Network (DUSK), Egretia (EGT), Elastos (ELA), Fantom (FTM), Everex (EVX), Fetch (FET), Harmony (ONE), Insolar (INS), Quant (QNT), Spendcoin (SPND), V Systems (VSYS)
Coinmerce: Digibyte (DGB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dusk Network (DUSK), Tezos (XTZ), Theta Fuel (TFUEL)
LiteBit: Dent (DENT), Dusk Network (DUSK)
Anycoin Direct:


Knaken: EmerCoin (EMC)
Bitladon: ArtByte (ABY), Digitex Futures (DGTX)
LiteBit: ArtByte (ABY), BitSend (BSD), Cloakcoin (CLOAK), EmerCoin (EMC)
Anycoin Direct:

As of writing the total amount of unique and comparable crypto, per the largest brokers and exchanges, are as following in compare to previous month:

Knaken 239 (-3)
Bitladon 191 (+22)
Coinmerce 129 (+8)
Bitvavo 58 ()
LiteBit 57 (-3)
Anycoin Direct 25 ()
CoinCompare 171 (+16)

We started July with 155 crypto and ended with an additional 16, resulting in 171 different crypto on our unique one page comparison overview.

Best deal broker announcement

It is that time of the month again. The announcement of CoinCompare’s best deal broker. Please read the disclaimer below the trophy to understand how the best deal broker is determined. Here are the winners of July:

#3: Bitladon! In June Bitladon lost the 2nd place to Bitvavo. Unfortunately they couldn’t catch up enough, despite the 22 listings within 5 days. Bitladon had 49 entries and a share of 15.80% in June. July was better with 74 entries and 21,51% share and therefore having the number 3 spot. Keep a close eye on Bitladon, as they will soon have big news. And we’re not talking about their own merchandise.

#2: Bitvavo! 91 entries last month with a 29.35% share! That is what Bitvavo brought to the second spot. This month the results are a little bit less, took a hit, but no need for worries. With 14 entries less, Bitvavo had 77 entries with a 22.38% share staying safe, for now.

#1: Coinmerce! What about Coinmerce? Yeah, what about it! They had 115 entries with almost a 37.09% share of having the best deals last month. Well, July isn’t joking, with a whopping 150 entries and a 43.60% share they are again the king of the best deal broker at CoinCompare! You think it’s getting boring, but we all know crypto never gets boring and so doesn’t having best deals. Congratulations Coinmerce.

Broker of the month at CoinCompare









The best deal provider of the month is determined with the average of cumulating buy and sell prices of all the best deals that are shown on our homepage. Logically, the larger the variety of crypto offered, the most chance of becoming the winner. In the end it is still the price of the crypto that matters as it has to be comparable. Discounts in Tiers and VIP levels are not included in the calculation. As deals change several times a day, due to the volatility of prices, the broker with the best deal can therefore change as well. Due to that fluctuation we take two snapshots per day to the determine the broker for that day with the most entries on our main page of our website.

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