Gulden (NLG)

Smart Dutch people who were able to use bitcoin’s technology to respond to the sentiments of the Dutch people. The cryptocurrency Gulden was introduced in April 2014. The premine is 10% with 1% for premiums and is not distributed. The total number of coins that can be minted is 1.6 billion and the block time is set to 150 seconds. Using the Nocks app, a mobile wallet for NLG, you can already pay at more than 40 shops with this app. That is the main attraction of this project. Reducing the payment with Guldens will evoke nostalgic feelings in many Dutch people. The Netherlands is a country in which crypto is popular, so for the time being we will certainly look favorably at Dutch blockchain projects. If the Gulden Team can continue to develop the project, 2019 will be a good year for the Gulden.

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