Bitcoin Magazine Announces Partnership with Unchained to educate the next wave of bitcoiners on how to protect and grow their wealth

NASHVILLE, TN – February 12th, 2024 – Bitcoin Magazine is excited to announce a new partnership with Unchained, the leader in Bitcoin financial services, making them our Official Collaborative Custody and IRA partner in the United States

Traditionally, institutional and enterprise investors, whether acquiring bitcoin itself or its derivatives, have turned to large, publicly-traded custodians to manage their bitcoin. Relying on a single custodian both nullifies most of the asset’s benefits while increasing risk of catastrophic loss that has been all too common throughout Bitcoin’s history.

Together, we understand that bitcoin, properly held, will be at the core of the global financial system. Unchained offers a better way to interact with Bitcoin through collaborative custody. Providing investors with the right tool to eliminate custodial risk by taking ownership of their assets or distributing control among multiple trusted parties. This method has gained traction as a superior risk management strategy.

Bitcoin Magazine and Unchained will co-produce Bitcoin-only educational content. With the goal of helping new and current Bitcoin investors access the best tools and methods to achieve their financial goals, this content will focus on financial literacy, security, planning (including 401k, IRA, and inheritance), and best-in-class market research. As part of these educational efforts, Bitcoin Magazine and Unchained will release an Institutional Adoption Roadmap to show financial institutions how, and why, to interact with the Bitcoin network through collaborative custody.

Bitcoin Magazine customers will enjoy exclusive discounts on Unchained’s vault custody product, Bitcoin IRA services and Signature – Unchained’s full suite financial services package. Unchained’s vault clients will receive complimentary access to Bitcoin Magazine Pro, our premier market research subscription, issues of our printed Bitcoin Magazine publications, discounts on passes to The Bitcoin Conference and access to invite-only events.

Joe Kelly, CEO of Unchained, commented, “We believe that bitcoin is the most important thing to happen to money in hundreds of years. It enables a level of control and sovereignty over one’s finances that has never been available before. However, leaving your bitcoin on a single custodian (whether you hold physical bitcoin or the ETF) nullifies most of bitcoin’s advantages. We founded Unchained to fix that! We wanted to create a way for people to prevent single points of failure. Bitcoin Magazine is the main entry point for so many people into this exciting market and we’re happy to partner with them to educate people on the ways to avoid mistakes that caused people to lose so much value in the events of 2022.”

Mike Germano, President of Bitcoin Magazine, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:

“Bitcoin is hitting an inflection point with a new wave of retail and institutional investors entering the space. Because of that, we believe it’s more important than ever to educate people on how to best interact with this technology. Currently, the world has a unique opportunity to re-architect the financial system with Bitcoin as the foundation, and we believe Unchained’s custody model is the right way for people to make Bitcoin a part of their portfolio. We believe Unchained stands apart with their superior approach to bitcoin as demonstrated by their track-record and reputation, and we could not be more excited for this partnership to educate the market on why bitcoin, properly held, should be the standard for investors and institutions participating in capital markets.”

Together, Bitcoin Magazine and Unchained envision Bitcoin as a revolutionary monetary system set to reshape global finance. To realize this vision, users require robust tools for secure and efficient capital management. Unchained’s unparalleled services are pivotal in empowering Bitcoin as a necessary asset for all investors, from institutions to individuals. Now is the time to make this vision a reality.

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About Bitcoin Magazine:

Bitcoin Magazine, the world’s first publication covering Bitcoin, serves its international readership with innovative ideas, breaking news, and global impact at the intersection of finance, technology, and Bitcoin. Operating from Nashville, Tennessee, Bitcoin Magazine is published by BTC Media. For the latest in Bitcoin news, visit

About Unchained:

Unchained is the leader in bitcoin financial services. Founded in 2016, Unchained is a top 5 bitcoin platform by assets secured (>$4 billion of bitcoin) and has helped thousands of individuals and businesses truly own their wealth by holding bitcoin keys. Unchained’s collaborative custody model allows clients to access a wide suite of financial services while continuing to have the benefits of self-custody, the ultimate consumer protection in these uncertain times. For more information on Unchained, please visit

13 February 2024 16:00

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