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You want to know more about Audius (AUDIO) crypto? Then you’re on the right page. On this page we’ll take you through what AUDIO crypto is and what it does, whether AUDIO is a cryptocurrency coin or token, what the price of AUDIO is, where to buy and what the best buy and sell prices are.

Audius, an alternative to Soundcloud, is a music streaming and sharing platform created in 2018 by the founders of Audius Inc, Roneil Rumburg (CEO) and Forrest Browning (CPO). The platform and the Audius mainnet was launched in 2020. Companies including Coinbase Ventures, Binance and Blockchange have invested in Audius Inc. by which you can conclude that it is a legitimate company. The goal of the Audius platform is to return power to music producers through the decentralized protocol of Ethereum. Behind Audius is a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, audiophiles, and blockchain experts. Their mission is to support and connect a new generation of artists to all fans on the decentralized web. Major artists such as deadmau5, Rezz, 3LAU, and the Stafford Brothers have joined the platform as advisors to provide insightful perspectives from producers.

What is Audius (AUDIO)?

Audius coin or Audius token? AUDIO crypto, AUDIO coin or AUDIO token? Officially, it’s AUDIO token. The AUDIO crypto, with the ticker $AUDIO, is in fact an ERC-20 Ethereum token. Don’t confused it with Audiocoin (ADC). The AUDIO token is the driving factor on the Audius platform with a unique purpose and huge potential. Audius offers artists the freedom to share never-before-heard music and generate an income with its streams. The “money” earned is paid out in AUDIO tokens.

The platform gives everyone the freedom to share, listen to and earn from music. The AUDIO token also provides network security, exclusive access to features and enables community governance. AUDIO allows users to earn a voice in the future of the platform by actively contributing to the network. Every aspect of Audius can be controlled, creating a true streaming service owned by the community.

The current total supply of AUDIO tokens is 1,045,234,353 of which, at the time of writing, 400,244,277 tokens are in circulation.

Audius (AUDIO) chart

The price rate in the AUDIO chart started at only € 0.03, during the mainnet launch in October 2020. The same day it shot through to € 0.40, but that did not last long. After the launch, the price hovered around € 0.10 for several months. February 2021 saw a rise from € 0.18, after which Audius received more publicity in March and AUDIO reached a price rate of € 3.50. After that, the price dropped a bit again. Follow the price rate in the AUDIO chart live at the bottom of this page.

Buy and sell Audius (AUDIO)

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AUDIO staking

Users, the producers, of the music streaming platform can stake Audius (AUDIO) to secure the platform, and in return receive a share of network fees, a voice on the board and exclusive access to new features. At the time of writing, you receive about 0.50% “interest” weekly staking AUDIO depending on the number of AUDIO you reserve. Annually, it’s about 25%. You are expected to earn more from staking in the future when the platform has more users and therefore processes more transactions.

What does Audius (AUDIO)?

Audius was created to solve the problem of artists earning too little due to the many middlemen and companies. Also, artists have little to no control over how their music is distributed and who listens to it. Audius (AUDIO) is a digital streaming service that puts fans in direct contact with artists and exclusive new music and aims to eliminate the problems in the music industry. It does this by being completely decentralized: “Audius is owned and run by a vibrant, open-source community of artists, fans and developers from around the world.”

Developers can build their own apps on top of Audius through Audius Hedgehog, giving them access to one of the most unique audio catalogs available. An account can be created using your email address or via MetaMask, which then connects you directly to the network of the Audius protocol. Creating an account with Audius via MetaMask is not recommended.

Audius app

The Audius app offers its producers and listeners to access the music shared on the platform anywhere, anytime. Through the Audius app it is possible to listen to music, upload and share music, follow your favorite artists and create and publish playlists. The app is available for download for both iOS and Android.

Share music from Audius to TikTok

On August 16, 2021, Audius shared the message on Twitter that they support sharing music from Audius to TikTok. Do you have your music on Audius? Then with a click of a button it is possible to send that from your Audius account to TikTok. This expands your reach to at least 1 billion users who can use your music in their TikTok videos. The TikTok news caused the price rate to sky rocket with a 75% increase within 24 hours.

Audius whitepaper

The Audius white paper goes deeper into the matter of the company and the Audius (AUDIO) project. Topics such as the Token Model, Content Mode and Ledger, Discovery Node, Governance and History and the Roadmap are explained in detail. Read more about it in their white paper, found in the link below.

Audius Chart

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