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On this page you’ll find the best crypto deals for discounts and bonuses to increase your potential profits!

Binance lifetime 20% discount

Taking advantage of the best crypto deals? Then trade crypto today with the lowest trading fees. Scan the QR code below for easy link direction or click on the banner to take advantage of a lifetime discount of 20% on Spot trading fees! If you combine the trading fee, by paying it with Binance Coin (BNB), you shall receive up to 45% discount on your transaction fee. If you already have a Binance account, it is advisable to create a new account by clicking on the banner below. More about Binance.

Binance banner with CoinCompare referral promo code

Bitvavo trade discount up to € 1,000.-

Don’t have a Bitvavo account yet? You don’t have to pay any trading fee up to € 1.000,- in the first week by creating an account using the banner below. The trading fees are already low at Bitvavo, starting at 0.25%, and yet this promotion will save you money. Read more about Bitvavo at our info page.

Black candles as Bitvavo brand logo - CoinCompare

BLOX crypto deals € 10.- welcome bonus

As BLOX is a mobile and tablet app only platform there is no link to a website that supports registration and trading. Therefore, use the QR code or click on the app store buttons to download the BLOX app for iOS (left) or Android (right).
During the process of registering use “COINCOMPARE” as promotional code and you shall receive € 10.- directly in your account. This welcome bonus is free to spend. Read more about BLOX.

Apple iOS QR for BLOX app     Android QR for BLOX app     The brand BLOX in coloured letters at CoinCompare

Prefer comparing real-time prices for all crypto's and providers?