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Bitcoin Payment Service BTCPay Server Now Easier to Integrate with React Apps

BTCPay Server has come a long way since Nicolas Dorier first decided to build out a software project with the goal of obsoleting the payment processor BitPay [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

30 September 2023 15:30

Bitcoin Icon Ross Ulbricht Is Still In Jail, Still Seeking Justice

It has officially been a decade since Ross Ulbricht, the man behind the popular online marketplace Silk Road, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

30 September 2023 12:30

Cynthia Lummis: Bitcoin Is the Anti-CBDC

Do We Need CBDCs? Bitcoin Backstage with Cynthia Lummis In the world of digital currencies, two terms frequently come up for discussion – Central Bank Digital Currencies [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

29 September 2023 18:20

Runes: An Attempt At A Serious Protocol, Or Another Children’s Toy?

Casey Rodamor, the creator of the Ordinals protocol and reference implementation, recently dropped a proposal for a replacement to the BRC-20 fungible token protocol: Runes. It took [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

29 September 2023 15:47

The Lightning Network Makes Bitcoin Unstoppable: Bitcoin Backstage with David Marcus

One of the biggest challenges Bitcoin faces is scalability. Transactions can be slow and costly, making mainchain settlement less efficient for everyday transactional use. Enter the Lightning [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

28 September 2023 17:45

Strategic Competition and Digital Currencies: Insights from Daniel Flatley, Sarah Kreps, Chris Meserole, and Matthew Pines

In the world of finance, Bitcoin has emerged as a game-changer. This novel virtual form of money has the potential to revolutionize the global economy and transform [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

28 September 2023 16:30

Digital Asset Infrastructure as a Success Factor for Financial Institutions

Andy Flury is founder and CEO of Wyden, a company providing institutional trading technology for digital assets. Over the past nine months, Bitcoin has seen a surge [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

28 September 2023 15:41

Bitcoin Optimism Rising in Developing World Despite Price Declines: Block Survey

Digital transformation is rapidly shaping the global financial landscape, and bitcoin, the pioneering decentralized cryptocurrency, stands tall as a symbol of this revolution. While bitcoin’s global popularity [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

28 September 2023 15:05

Just Announced: Finalists for $1 Million in Seed Funding by Samara Alpha Management, Bitcoin Magazine PRO

Amsterdam, September 28, 2023 – Three finalists have been selected for the Bitcoin Alpha Competition, a crowd-sourced campaign to find the next top Bitcoin fund manager. The [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

28 September 2023 14:35

Whitney Webb: Bitcoin And The Plot To Destroy Financial Privacy

This article is featured in Bitcoin Magazine’s “The Withdrawal Issue”. Click here to subscribe now. A PDF pamphlet of this article is available for download.  Late last [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

27 September 2023 23:08

You’ll Activate The Covenants And You’ll Like It

Shinobi’s Strawman is a weekly series where our Technical Editor Shinobi challenges the Bitcoin community, aiming to stir up conversation around heated technical debates. ______________________________________________________________ It’s been [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

27 September 2023 21:31

NBA Champion and Former LeBron James Teammate Now Working in Bitcoin

Today, Bitcoin only exchange, Swan Bitcoin, welcomed NBA Champion Matthew Dellavedova to its team as Vice President of Business Development, according to a press release sent to [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

27 September 2023 16:00

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