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Resisting the EIA: One Possible Playbook

The Biden Administration has intensified oversight on the U.S. bitcoin mining sector through an Energy Information Agency (EIA) emergency survey, portraying electricity usage by miners as a [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

13 February 2024 17:10

Former PayPal CEO Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund Bought $100 Million of Bitcoin

Founders Fund, the venture capital firm founded by billionaire Peter Thiel, has invested $100 million in bitcoin, sources exclusively informed Reuters. The firm allocated $200 million to [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

13 February 2024 16:32

Bitcoin Magazine Announces Partnership with Unchained to educate the next wave of bitcoiners on how to protect and grow their wealth

NASHVILLE, TN – February 12th, 2024 – Bitcoin Magazine is excited to announce a new partnership with Unchained, the leader in Bitcoin financial services, making them our [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

13 February 2024 16:00

Bitcoin Hits $50,000 For The First Time Since 2021

Bitcoin has surged past the $50,000 mark today, according to CoinMarketCap data, reaching this milestone for the first time since December 2021.  CoinMarketCap The breakthrough marks a significant recovery [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

12 February 2024 18:19

Bitcoin vs. Real Estate: Which Is The Better Store Of Value In Times Of Conflict ?

Introduction We live in a highly digitalized world, but most of humanity still uses physical goods to store value. The most used store of value in the [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

12 February 2024 17:33

Navigating The Now: Events Leading Up To The Bitcoin ETFs

Over the past months, Bitcoin ETFs dominated the cryptocurrency, finance, and investing discourse. A flurry of attention-focused articles on the latest wave of spot Bitcoin ETF applications [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

12 February 2024 15:29

Bitcoin Developer Mailing List Migrates To Google Groups

Today, moderators of the mailing list for Bitcoin developers, Ruben Somsen, Bryan Bishop, and Warren Togami, announced the migration of the mailing list to Google Groups. “The bitcoin-dev mailing list [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

9 February 2024 20:51

Mining Misinformation: How The United Nations University Misrepresented Data To Exaggerate Bitcoin’s Environmental Footprint

F%$K Bad Research: I spent over a month analyzing a bitcoin mining study and all I got was this trauma response. “We must confess that our adversaries [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

9 February 2024 17:00

The No-coiner Texts Arrive: A Bull Market Beckons

The subtle shift in social media conversations. The mentions in the mainstream media: “Bitcoin will now be available for Wall Street investors!”. All the text messages arriving [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

9 February 2024 15:47

Bitcoin ETF: A Decade Of Struggle For Legitimacy

The crypto revolution was finally taken to new heights when the SEC approved 11 Bitcoin spot ETFs in January 2024. Global investors flooded in like never seen [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

8 February 2024 17:00

The EIA Emergency Information Collection Is Alarming

In mid-January, a massive winter storm swept across the United States, dropping temperatures in Central Texas into the low 20s and causing Texans to huddle indoors with [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

8 February 2024 16:33

AI Generated Bitcoin Auction Marketplace Launched By SatsCrap

SatsCrap, a marketplace for trading goods for bitcoin, has unveiled a new feature: Bitcoin and AI-powered auctions, streamlining the process of selling items for sats, according to [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

8 February 2024 16:00

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