Bitvavo new coins (2024)

Will Bitvavo add new coins? That much is certain. But the question is always, when? The Amsterdam-based exchange got off to a good start in January by [...]

May 2024 (updated)

Bitvavo Best Crypto Deal Provider 2021

2022 is a fact and that means we can make up the Best Deal Provider of 2021. After every month we announce the Best Deal provider and [...]

Bitvavo 2021

What does 2022 bring and Top 5 best providers

Hi CoinCompanion, at the time of writing the new year has already begun. So from CoinCompare, we wish you all the best in health, luck and gains [...]

December 2021

Facebook Metaverse and Top 5 best providers

Hi CoinCompanion, the world of crypto is moving fast and it has become tremendously difficult to keep up. After the introduction of DeFi came NFT and in [...]

November 2021

Shiba Inu up almost 900% and Top 5 best providers

Hi CoinCompanion, what a month! One crypto after an other wrote a new all time high. We dare to say that everyone needs to recover from that [...]

October 2021

September most often bearish and Top 5 best crypto deal providers

Hi CoinCompanion, September is a month that goes down in the books as one that often sees losses. Not only in the crypto market, but also in [...]

September 2021

Bitvavo offers 156 crypto after 15 new listings

Wondering which crypto the exchange added last? Then read the latest updates regarding new coins here!. After adding five new assets in mid-August 2021, Bitvavo indicated that [...]

9 September 2021

Bitdenex exchange DNB registered and launches redesigned platform

Bitdenex exchange launches its redesigned crypto trading platform today, September 6, 2021. According to a tweet on September 1, Bitdenex exchange has been registered with the Dutch [...]

6 September 2021

CoinCompare updates and Top 5 best crypto deal provider August

Hi CoinCompanion, after a time of uncertainty in the crypto market things are looking good again. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you gain profits. And don’t be [...]

August 2021

Bitvavo lists again more new digital assets

Looking for the latest status new coins and tokens? Then see here which coins Bitvavo has added in 2024. Bitvavo, the crypto exchange based in Amsterdam, has [...]

1 September 2021

Bitvavo coins offering expands substantially

Want to know which crypto were listed last? Then continue reading the latest Bitvavo listing developments here. Bitvavo, which has been operating since May 2017, is an [...]

30 August 2021

CoinCompare updates and Top 5 best crypto deal providers July

Hi CoinCompanion, good to have you back! In July, we implemented several developments and features on the website, such as Crypto Favorites and Crypto News. Have you [...]

July 2021

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