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Bitcoin “flash crash” and Best Deal provider of April

April 2021

Hi CoinCompanion, the bulls don’t know when to stop, despite bitcoin’s “flash crash” on April 18. The king of coins dropped almost 10% within a few hours. […]

NFT hype and ‘flippening’ Best Deal provider March?

March 2021

Hi CoinCompanion, we’re glad you’re back. It’s pretty clear by now that the crypto market is in its biggest bull run since bitcoin launched in 2009. Investment […]

MicroStrategy does it again and Best Deal provider February

February 2021

Hi CoinCompanion, good to have you back. In the previous Buzz, we reported that the market capitalization of crypto had reached a new high of 1 trillion […]

Marketcap record and Best Deal provider January

january 2021

Hi CoinCompanion, nice of you to stop by again. The crypto market is in its longest bull period ever, breaking one record after another. So has the […]

Coinmerce Best Crypto Deal Provider 2020


CoinCompare declares Coinmerce as Best Crypto Deal Provider of 2020 ! In October 2018 CoinCompare added Coinmerce and its range of crypto to the price comparison platform. […]

DNB registration update, bitcoin record and Best Deal provider December

December 2020

Hi CoinCompanion, welcome to a new year and to this new buzz. Good to have you back! It may not have escaped your notice, but bitcoin breaks […]

DNB registration updates, bitcoin record and Best deal provider November

November 2020

Hi CoinCompanion, welcome to this new buzz. It may not have been gone unnoticed, but bitcoin reached another new record since 2017 . In addition, almost all […]

DNB registration status, bitcoin rises and Best deal provider October


Hi CoinCompanion, welcome to this new buzz. Bitcoin reached again an enormous height since June 2019, with an increase of almost 30% in October ! LiteBit is […]

New DeFi crypto’s and Best deal provider of September


Welcome CoinCompanions, new round, new opportunities. Strange and crazy times remain, because of the pandemic and we sincerely hope that everyone is safe and healthy. In this […]

DeFi hype, new crypto’s and Best deal provider of August


Undeniable that the DeFi hype is real. Or is it more than a hype? Probably still to early to conclude. But, one thing is for sure and […]

TikTok vs. Crypto, bitcoin gains and Best deal provider of July

JULY 2020

Welcome CoinCompanions, corona is still holding grip on the world and it is not letting go! Markets crash, countries and cities are being locked down and the […]

CoinCompare, new provider and Crypto provider of June

JUNE 2020

Welcome CoinCompanions, still staying safe and healthy? We hope you do. It has been over a month since the bitcoin reward halving for miners and the charts […]

CoinCompare, DNB regulation and Crypto provider of May

MAY 2020

CoinCompanions, May the halving be with you (pun intended)! The most discussed moments in the cryptosphere is already history: the halving of the blockreward (from 12.5 to […]

CoinCompare, CoinWall and Crypto provider of April

APRIL 2020

CoinCompanions, time flies as the first month of the second quarter has already ended. Unfortunately Corona is still hunting our health and freedom with all the attendant […]

CoinWall, CoinCompare and Crypto broker of March

March 2020

CoinCompanions, hereby our new Buzz of March full of crypto news. None of it matters of course, when looking at the Corona pandemic. It is slowly closing […]

CoinCompare, Throwback and Crypto broker of February

February 2020

CoinCompanions, hereby our new Buzz of February full of crypto news. Better late than never! As the bulls had their market entry in January things were looking […]

CoinCompare, Throwback and Crypto broker of January

January 2020

2020 kicked off like a rocket to the moon . Welcome CoinCompanions to a new year! A new year with new opportunities, holding on to those resolutions, […]

CoinCompare, Throwback and Crypto broker of December

December 2019

To be begin with, we wish all you crypto enthusiasts, fans, believers, supporters, traders, hodlers, baghodlers and nocoiners a happy New Year! We hope you had a […]

CoinCompare, Bitladon app, Throwback, and…

November 2019

They see us rollin’, hating… tryna catch.. well, we keep on riding that rollercoaster and it isn’t ending, at least not at CoinCompare. Source: Fibonacci retracement, […]

CoinCompare, Bitqist, Throwback, and…

October 2019

CoinCompanions, you can’t say you did not enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of October. Price went down, and not much later it went up again. New to the […]

Cashcow, Bitvavo, CoinCompare, Throwback, and…

September 2019

Goodbye Summer 2019, welcome Fall 2019. In this Buzz we throwback on what September brought us. Subjects as the Cashcow awards, Bitvavo news, CoinCompare, What happened summary, […]

LiteBit app, CoinCompare, Listings, Ups, Downs, and..

August 2019

In this Buzz we recap a couple items from previous month. Subjects as the new LiteBit app, CoinCompare, Crypto listings, the top 5 ups and downs and […]

Libra, Coinmerce, CoinCompare, Listings and..

July 2019

And again a month comes and goes! You could say time flies while you are enjoying rate fluctuations and the Libra roller coaster for example. In this […]

Bitcoin, Libra, Aircoins, CoinCompare, Listings and..

June 2019

Bitcoin to the moon? So, June had to let us recover for a while. Not only the temperatures outside were going sky high and breaking records here […]

Best deal broker May announcement

May 2019

The best deal provider of the month is determined with the average of cumulating buy and sell prices of all the best deals that are shown on […]

1st birthday cryptoprices comparison site CoinCompare!

30 May 2019

Eindhoven, May 2019 Cryptocurrencies and investing in it has become the new way of investing in recent years, but in which crypto should you invest? And what’s […]

Listings and best deal broker April announcement

April 2019

Crypto listings CoinCompare had it’s one year anniversary on the 30th of April and we successfully celebrated that with a €100,- crypto give away! Beside our anniversary, the […]

Best deal broker March announcement

March 2019

In our previous buzz item: “Broker of the month update”, we announced that we are back with the announcement of the best deal broker of the month. […]

Facebook competition and Stellar (XLM) updating logo

15 March 2019

Hi CoinCompanions, another buzz to keep you up to date on what is going on. Announcement. Two weeks ago we started a Facebook competition with the question: […]

Introducing Buzz and more…

11 March 2019

Hi CoinCompanions, to keep you up to date with our announcements, news, feeds etc. we introduce Buzz. With Buzz we share on what we we’re working and […]

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