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Besides Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency ever introduced, you also have an altcoin. All other crypto’s, besides Bitcoin that follow, are alternative coins or tokens, abbreviated altcoins. [...]


A baghodler, the crypto variant on the bagholder, is an investor who has hodled his investment for too long and as a result stays with the worthless [...]


A bear is a pessimistic entity that thinks or believes that the bitcoin or altcoin price is going to fall and wants to profit from this or [...]

Bear Trap

It can happen that bullish signals occur in the chart. But that can also be a false signal or a ‘bear trap’. Investors who buy during these [...]


A bear + whale = BearWhale, a mysterious creature. This term really exists, only in the crypto world though, but it means that a big crypto wealthy [...]

Bitcoin Futures

Futures, an English stock market term that entered the crypto world at the end of 2017 as bitcoin futures. Futures are tradable period contracts. A buyer and [...]


A blockchain is a distributed ledger that records data in a series of linked blocks. The very first block in the series is the genesis block. Each [...]


A bull is the opposite of a bear and is present in a period of rising prices or when it all goes ‘moon‘. The bull causing the [...]

Buy wall

A buy wall represents a large number of buy orders for crypto on a stock exchange, like Coinbase, which have been placed successively in a short period [...]

Cloud mining

Start with cloud mining if you don’t feel like buying noisy GPU’s or ASIC’s and dealing with high energy costs? Buy your mining capacity at mining pools [...]


Central Processing Unit or processor, is the heart of the computer. In the early days of bitcoin it was possible to mine bitcoin in the computer with [...]

Cross-chain transactions

Because a huge number of cryptos are built on Ethereum’s blockchain (ERC20), they also use ETH to enable a transaction. Unfortunately, transaction fees on the Ethereum network [...]


Or cryptomoney, digital money, cryptotoken, cryptocoin, crypto… The terms and definitions are mixed up on the daily and make it confusing what stands for what. Crypto is [...]


A fad is a desired trend that is characterized by a lot of enthusiasm and energy over a short period of time. Examples are articles around the [...]


Fiduciary money, fiat currency, refers to currencies such as the Euro, Dollar, Yen, Roebel, etc. Fiat currency is money that does not derive its value from the [...]


The flippening is a phenomenon when an altcoin dethrones the bitcoin from the #1 spot based on marketcap. There is speculation in the community that Ethereum has [...]


‘Fear or Missing Out’ is a term used when mainly new investors start investing in crypto in the hype or only strike frequently during the peak. In [...]


A fork is a separation or branch of a chain with data or software. With crypto it is always about the blockchain that splits. At the moment of [...]


FUD is a abbreviation of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. A term used in marketing, IT and the investment world. Spreading FUD is usually done by (influential) persons [...]


GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit or simply a video card. A hardware component for a computer to display images. However, in the crypto world it is [...]


Probably one of the most used terms in the crypto world. It all started in a golden message on Bitcointalk. A misspelled word in the title, by a [...]


ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. A crypto version of an initial public offering or an IPO. An initial coin offering is used to raise money for a [...]


KYC is an abbreviation for ‘know your customer’. The term is used for exchange providers who (partly) have to be able to justify who and what customers [...]


Marketcap is the abbreviation for market capitalization. It is a way of ranking crypto where bitcoin is of course number 1, for as long as it takes. [...]


Transactions on the blockchain must be verified. The verification is done when cryptographic calculations are solved. Solving these sums requires CPU or GPU processing power, a lot [...]


Mining becomes really attractive when large quantities of miners are bundled together in order to make the calculations faster and faster and to be the first to [...]


A noicoiner is someone who doesn’t know anything about crypto, someone who doesn’t have crypto, nocoiner knows a number of definitions. Nocoiners often have the behavior of [...]

Open source

To gain trust in the community, developers offer their source code open for anyone who is interested. The code and information which is published are freely available [...]


‘Over the counter’ is a term that refers to transactions of buy and sell order that occur outside the ways of the stock exchanges, as Binance and [...]


There are many different definitions about what peer-to-peer or P2P is. In general it is a network where users can exchange files with each other. As such, [...]


At the launch of a coin or token it is indicated what the maximum supply of crypto is. For bitcoin it’s 21 million. This doesn’t apply to crypto that don’t have [...]

Pump and dump

Pump and dump are activities in which someone invests heavily in barely traded crypto, drives up the price (pump) and gets out (dump) when some investors just [...]


Rebranding is the development of a new name, logo, image, design, term or a combination of these. The aim is to create a new image towards investors, [...]


This term comes from the gaming scene and is shortened from the English word ‘wrecked’. It means ruined, demolished, destroyed, or simply making a mistake. When the [...]


Defined future plans that are presented with a focus on a manageable and well thought-out project planning. That is what a roadmap define! The developers and engineers [...]


Satoshi, the first name of the pseudoanonymous developer of bitcoin, but that’s not all. It also defines the number of decimals of an amount of bitcoin. One [...]

Sell wall

A sell wall represents a large number of sell orders for crypto on a stock exchange, which have been placed successively in a short period of time. [...]

To the moon!

The sequel on the question ‘when moon?‘. When the moment is there, as with the bitcoin in December 2017 which reached an all time high of $20.000,-, [...]

Trade proverbs and quotes

“Buy when there’s blood on the streets” – Baron Rothschild; Simply explained, buy when the market crashes as it’s drowning in red (‘blood’) numbers. “Buy the rumors, [...]


Volatile is a term that indicates that the crypto market can peak and fall within a short period of time. An increase or decrease of € 500,- [...]


A whale concerns a large bitcoin or altcoin wealthy party, company or individual who can influence the market. If the influence is positive, a rising trend follows [...]

When Lambo?

A Lamborghini is the symbol as a luxury item when a crypto investor has earned a fortune from crypto. ‘When Lambo?’ refers to when the crypto investment [...]

When Moon?

When moon? The question every crypto investor asks himself. When does the value of a crypto reach a height as high as the moon? The goal of [...]


A whitepaper from a crypto developer is a document that describes technical information about the blockchain, algorithm and nodes of the project in question. Some developers rename [...]

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