Or cryptomoney, digital money, cryptotoken, cryptocoin, crypto…

The terms and definitions are mixed up on the daily and make it confusing what stands for what.

Crypto is a comprehensive term of the below definitions. It is often used to avoid detailed sentences. For example: “I trade crypto at Bitladon” or “which crypto did you buy?”.

Want to know which crypto is a coin or a token? Visit coinmarketcap and open the tab ‘cryptocurrencies’. Here are selections to display the top 100 coins or top 100 tokens.

Simply buy crypto with iDEAL? Below shown all providers:

Bitvavo logo and brand - CoinCompare
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The brand BLOX in coloured letters at CoinCompare
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Black letters with a blue dot on the i brand logo of Anycoin Direct
Bitonic logo 2.0 black brand name with green diamond
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