Bitvavo offers 156 crypto after 15 new listings

Wondering which crypto the exchange added last? Then read the latest updates regarding new coins here!.
After adding five new assets in mid-August 2021, Bitvavo indicated that they will be adding 60 new crypto over August and September. The last 10 of those 60 were to be added on September 8, 2021. However, instead of 10, 15 new ones were added. The result is worth noting, as the development team has acted quickly on the feedback from users.

The vast majority of users are excited about the new crypto, but it is not possible to make and keep everyone happy. There are too many different coins for that. Adding the following crypto has ensured that Bitvavo now offers 156 different ones:

  1. Aavegotchi (GHST)
  2. AdEx (ADX)
  3. Akropolis (AKRO)
  4. Automata Network (ATA)
  5. BarnBridge (BOND)
  6. Chromia (CHR)
  7. COTI (COTI)
  8. Dia (DIA)
  9. District0x (DNT)
  10. Litentry (LIT)
  11. LTO Network (LTO)
  12. Marlin Protocol (POND)
  13. Mask Network (MASK)
  14. Streamr (DATA)
  15. SuperFarm (SUPER)

Bitvavo cryptovaluta

Bitvavo the cheapest cryptoprices

From the above 15, there are five crypto of which CoinCompare could already compare the prices of between brokers Coinmerce, Bitladon, LiteBit and exchange Coinbase. The five consist of:

  • AdEx (ADX)
  • Dia (DIA)
  • District0x (DNT)
  • LTO Network (LTO)

Bitvavo is going compete with these providers, by adding the above new crypto. Our systems immediately add the new crypto and prices when they are available and the result will not disappoint Bitvavo. For all these five added assets, Bitvavo has the best buy and sell prices!

New to comparable crypto

Of the remaining 10, there are four crypto from the list whose prices we could not yet compare, because there is simply no competition. Now that Bitvavo has added Aavegotchi (GHST), BarnBridge (BOND), Chromia (CHR) and Mask Network (MASK), they are going to compete with Knaken, Bitladon and Coinbase. Also for these crypto Bitvavo has the best prices.

Non-comparable crypto

For the remaining six new crypto, there is no competition and we therefore cannot compare the buy and sell prices. It is expected that it will not take very long for the competition to evaluate their offerings and add new coins. Chances are it will be one of the crypto listed below. If the prices are not comparable, you will find those on our CoinWall:

  • Akropolis (AKRO)
  • Automata (ATA)
  • Litentry (LIT)
  • Marlin (POND)
  • Streamr (DATA)
  • SuperFarm (SUPER)

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Will Bitvavo add more crypto?

The recent crypto additions in August and September were a success for Bitvavo! This was not only reflected by the many reactions on social media, but was also reflected by the volume of Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA), among others. In fact, according to, Bitvavo had the most volume in ADA/EUR in week 35 and 36. In doing so, they leave exchanges like Coinbase and Binance behind. An achievement all around.

Bitvavo crypto vol. cardano ADA

For now, Bitvavo is done adding new crypto. As previously reported in our previous article on Bitvavo, they will first update all wallets so that deposit and withdrawal capabilities are operational. Staking of the new crypto will also be added in the future. Which crypto Bitvavo will add in the future remains the question. They stated the following about it in their blog:

We’ve now listed all the assets on our immediate roadmap. We know there are still assets many of you would like to be able to buy on Bitvavo. Our current offering is by no means final, and we intend to keep on expanding our platform, though not on a weekly basis as we’ve done this summer.

Find out more about Bitvavo on our dedicated info page.

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