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Nostr Wallet Connect: A Bitcoin Application Collaboration Layer

Going into the future of Bitcoin adoption and development there is one issue of software interacting that is coming to the forefront of roadblocks developers must deal [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

8 February 2024 15:30

EIA Mining Survey Looms Large Over Bitcoin Mining Industry

The below is an excerpt from a recent edition of Bitcoin Magazine Pro, Bitcoin Magazine’s premium markets newsletter. To be among the first to receive these insights [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

7 February 2024 16:33

Rubin’s Reubens And The Push For CTV

You may have noticed a new trend on bitcoin twitter lately, people changing their profile pictures to some form of a Reuben sandwich. I am going to [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

7 February 2024 15:34

MicroStrategy Buys 850 More Bitcoin for $37 Million

MicroStrategy, a leading business intelligence and software company, has continued its steadfast commitment to Bitcoin by purchasing an additional 850 BTC at a total cost of $37.2 [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

6 February 2024 21:38

Bitcoin Mining And ERCOT – The Data Tells The Story

Several headlines recently described a 25% drop in bitcoin network difficulty during Winter Storm Finn in January. Most attributed this drop to curtailment activity in Texas. While [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

6 February 2024 17:06

Tokenized, Inc: BlackRock’s Plan To Own The Fractionalized World

Just one day after the January 11 approval of 11 Bitcoin spot ETFs – including BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) – by the U.S. Securities and Exchange [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

6 February 2024 16:00

Citrea Launches First ZK Rollup on Bitcoin, Enhancing Blockspace Capabilities

Today, Citrea Team unveils Citrea, the inaugural ZK Rollup designed to elevate Bitcoin’s blockspace capabilities through zero-knowledge technology. Departing from traditional scalability solutions that move security and [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

6 February 2024 15:04

HIVE Digital Technologies And Bitcoin Magazine Announce FUD Fighters Educational Initiative

NASHVILLE, February 6, 2024 – HIVE Digital Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: HIVE) and Bitcoin Magazine announce “FUD Fighters”, a new initiative centered around education on the many false [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

6 February 2024 13:30

Nayib Bukele’s Landslide Win In Bitcoin Country Fraught With New And Old Challenges

Having solidified his political legacy by effectively addressing the issue of gang violence in El Salvador, Nayib Bukele has not only secured an extraordinary second presidential mandate [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

5 February 2024 22:00

The Trial That Could End Craig Wright’s Satoshi Claim For Good Started Today

Forged documents, anachronistic evidence, and false statements. According to the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), Craig Steven Wright has over the past years presented it all in [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

5 February 2024 21:29

Ryan Koopmans – An Interview Regarding “The Origin” Inscription Artwork

In the evolving landscape of contemporary art, few artists capture the essence of change and permanence as powerfully as Ryan Koopmans and Alice Wexell. Their artwork bridges [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

5 February 2024 14:04

Donald Trump Won’t Reappoint Fed Chair Jerome Powell If Elected President

In a recent statement, former President Donald Trump made it clear that, if elected for a second term, he would not reappoint Jerome Powell as the Federal [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

2 February 2024 18:31

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