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You’re Still Early: An Objective Look At Bitcoin Adoption

How many bitcoin users are there? How should we define a bitcoin user? An analysis for categorizing and tracking user growth compared to other estimates. The below [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

6 February 2023 08:00

Reduced To Penny Stocks In 2022, Public Bitcoin Miners Are Primed To Come Back

After a historically-bad year for bitcoin mining, public companies that fell into penny stock status surged back in January following a strong bitcoin rally. 2022 was arguably [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

4 February 2023 13:00

Charlie Munger Doesn’t Understand Bitcoin: Michael Saylor

Warren Buffett’s right-hand man hasn’t taken the time to understand Bitcoin, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor said in an interview with CNBC. Michael Saylor’s latest interview includes a blast [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

3 February 2023 19:54

Australian Government Releases First Steps To Regulate Crypto And Bitcoin

The first steps of a multi-stage plan to regulate the cryptocurrency industry within Australia have been released. The Australian government has announced the first step of what [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

3 February 2023 18:21

Bitcoin Miner Marathon Digital Sells BTC For First Time In Two Years

Despite the sale, Nasdaq-listed miner Marathon continues to hold one of the largest public bitcoin treasuries in the world. Marathon Digital, a publicly traded bitcoin mining company, [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

3 February 2023 16:19

An Orange Pill For Bitcoiners

With Bitcoin still so early on its adoption curve, it seems that convicted Bitcoiners need an orange pill of their own. This is an opinion editorial by [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

3 February 2023 13:00

CleanSpark Mines Record 697 Bitcoin In January, A 50% Increase Since December

The bitcoin mining firm is reaping the rewards of expansion as it had a record month with solid reliability. CleanSpark has reported that the firm mined a [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

2 February 2023 17:48

Bear Market Setbacks Have Left Bitcoin Miners Behind Their Gold Counterparts

Digital gold mining companies suffered harsher drawdowns than their legacy counterparts in 2022. Bitcoin’s prominent memetic narrative as “digital gold” begs a comparison to the real yellow [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

2 February 2023 13:00

Nostr Will Only Scale If It Can Incentivize Users To Run Relays

Nostr, a growing hub for the Bitcoin community, faces some incentives challenges if it’s going to reach significant scale. This is an opinion editorial by Shinobi, a [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

2 February 2023 01:00

LevelField Financial To Become First FDIC-Insured Bank to Offer Traditional Banking And Bitcoin Services

LevelField Financial is set to acquire Burling Bank in a move that would enable access to bitcoin for traditional banking customers. Once the acquisition is approved by [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

1 February 2023 19:28

U.K. Details Plan To Regulate Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Industry

The United Kingdom has released its first consultation on crypto trading and lending regulation within the country. The United Kingdom has released its plans to regulate the [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

1 February 2023 18:26

South African Retail Giant Pick-n-Pay Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments At All Locations

Pick n Pay has partnered with CryptoQR in order to accept bitcoin at more than 2,000 stores. Pick n Pay, a South African retailer, has launched acceptance [...]

Bitcoin Magazine

1 February 2023 17:23

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