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Janet Yellen: We Must ‘Act Quickly’ on Stablecoin Regulation

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen met with the heads of multiple federal agencies on Monday to discuss how to regulate stablecoins, a type of digital currency whose [...]


20 July 2021 00:39

Bitcoin Senator: Ban US Athletes From Using China’s Digital Yuan at Beijing Winter Olympics

With this month’s Tokyo Summer Olympics clouded in uncertainty due to COVID, prominent U.S. lawmakers are already looking ahead to the next games, the 2022 Winter Olympics [...]


19 July 2021 22:56

Most Bitcoin Right Now Is Being Sold at a Loss: Report

Just a few months ago, Bitcoin was on an unprecedented tear. The price had reached a record, prompting more new buyers to pile in, and the demand [...]


19 July 2021 21:38

Two Bitcoin Charts That Show How Confused Crypto Traders Feel Right Now

If you feel confused over just what the price of Bitcoin is doing right now, you’re not alone: the pros can’t make up their minds either. While [...]


19 July 2021 20:10

Ethereum Documentary Raises $1.9 Million Via NFTs on Mirror

A production company called Optimist has raised 1035.96 ETH for a documentary about the development of Ethereum; at the moment, that’s nearly $1.9 million. According to the [...]


19 July 2021 18:39

Elon Musk to Talk Bitcoin With Jack Dorsey at ‘The B Word’ Conference

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has joined the lineup of ‘The B Word,’ an online conference aimed at spreading the Bitcoin gospel and dispelling some of the concerns [...]


19 July 2021 16:45

Crypto Game Axie Infinity Has Generated $84.9M in One Month

According to crypto data aggregator Token Terminal, there are some striking differences between the revenues generated by some of the largest DeFi projects and the crypto game, [...]


19 July 2021 15:36

South China Morning Post To Turn Its ‘First Drafts of History’ Into NFTS

The Hong Kong-based newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) plans to venture into the blockchain space via two projects it revealed today. The first of them, called [...]


19 July 2021 14:54

Dogecoin Fan Sues Coinbase Over ‘False and Misleading’ Sweepstakes

A disgruntled Dogecoin owner is leading a $5 million class-action lawsuit against Coinbase, claiming the crypto giant bamboozled he and others into paying to enter a sweepstakes [...]


19 July 2021 14:40

Bitcoin Down 10%, Ethereum Down 15% Over Past 7 Days

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have suffered substantial losses over the past week, dragging the broader crypto market deeper into the sea of red.  The price of Bitcoin [...]


19 July 2021 13:16

Bitcoin Miner Iris Energy Plans $200m Raise Ahead of Nasdaq Listing

Sydney-based Bitcoin miner Iris Energy is planning to raise $200 million in a funding round immediately before seeking a direct listing on the Nasdaq. According to sources [...]


19 July 2021 12:38

SushiSwap Proposal to Give VCs Discounts Draws Controversy

About a year ago, long before Binance’s “compliance is a journey” epiphany, beleaguered crypto developers mumbled apologetically that “decentralization is a spectrum.” The implication was that decentralized [...]


19 July 2021 12:35

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