Coinbase Cloud Launches a Forum for Web3 Developers

Last year, Coinbase Cloud announced the launch of our unified developer docs to make it easier and faster for developers to build Web3 applications using Coinbase APIs and services. As part of our commitment to developers and embracing the collaborative spirit of Web3, today Coinbase Cloud is launching a forum for developers to connect with Coinbase engineers, share projects, get feedback, ask questions, and learn how to build with our APIs and services — including Coinbase Wallet, Exchange/Pro, Sign in with Coinbase, Rosetta, and more.

The Coinbase Cloud developer forum

We encourage the Web3 developer community to leverage this forum to share information and learn from each other. Whether you’re creating a dapp, building the next blockchain game, or launching an NFT project, you’re likely looking for input and recommendations for secure, scalable, and tested tools for your tech stack. Developers can connect with the Coinbase Cloud community, including engineers and moderators who will be able to answer questions and engage in technical discussions.

To get started, we’ve created categories for general discussion, announcements, product usage, bug reporting, and sharing feedback. These categories will evolve as we gather feedback from the community and roll out additional products and services.

More ways to connect

In February, Coinbase Cloud will be at ETHDenver hosting community events and hands-on workshops, including a guide for integrating Coinbase Wallet into your projects. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, learn about our developer resources, and share your Web3 goals. By the end of the workshop, you will have the tools you need to integrate your dapp with Coinbase Wallet. We hope to see you there!

In the meantime, say hi and share what you’re building in the Coinbase Cloud Developer Forum.

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14 January 2022 15:16

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