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Once you’re registered, it’s time to go through the Coinmerce login process. It is the start of your crypto journey. The crypto exchange from Amstelveen has set up the process of logging in safely and easily. At Coinmerce login is possible on the website and the app of the trading platform. It depends on your investment strategy where and how you log in. If you’re working with the market daily to determine your buying moment, then you’ll probably log into the app daily. If you are investing for the long term (HODL), then logging into the website occasionally is what you prefer. It remains a personal choice where and how you log in.

We are happy to help anyone who wants to start his or her journey in crypto. For a digital illiterate logging in can be a tricky process and that’s why we have created this instruction page. After reading it you will know where and how to reach your account:

  • Where to log in;
  • How to log in to Coinmerce;
  • What devices you can use to log in;
  • What to do if logging in fails.

Coinmerce login summary

Entering your account at Coinmerce is simple, secure and fast. Loading your account can sometimes take a few seconds, but it’s not prohibitive. The exchange from Amstelveen has implemented the right security measures, so you can better protect your account from a hack. The most important is the extra step of two-factor authentication (2FA). With this step, in addition to your email address and password, you also enter a six-digit code to verify that you are the rightful owner of the account you want to log into. Accessing your account can be done through any browser on the desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. The provider also offers an app in which you must log in, but this is done with a PIN or biometrics instead of the traditional email address and password.

Coinmerce login key criteria:

Access through: Web and app
Two-Factor: Available
Login website: E-mail and password
Login app: PIN and biometrics
Face Recognition: Yes
Fingerprint: Yes
Device recognition: N.a.
Recognized by: N.a.
Login notification: Yes, to be set
Login outage: Rarely

Where to be for Coinmerce login?

Coinmerce login can be done in four ways, namely through the website on the PC, mobile and tablet and through the app. Where the most use is made is through the app. This is available for mobile and tablet. If you are using the app for the first time, you first need to go through Coinmerce login with your email address and password. After this you can then set a four-digit PIN or use the biometrics facial recognition or fingerprint scanner. You do not need to disclose the device and link it to your account. If you have used the app before, then you are used to using the four-digit PIN or biometrics.

When you use the website, you always log in with your email address and password. Coinmerce supports the additional security two-factor authentication (2FA). Make sure you set this up as well to make logging in even more secure. It may take extra effort during the process, but it will make logging in to Coinmerce more secure.

How to log in to Coinmerce via the website?

We would like to explain to you how to log into the exchange’s trading platform:

  1. Open the website here. Scroll down and click on “Already have an account? Log in.”
  2. Type in your email address that you used to create an account;
  3. Then enter your password;
  4. If you are using a 2FA, which we strongly recommend, enter it as well;
  5. Click on “Login” and your account will be opened.

Coinmerce login

How to log in via the app?

Access to your account and the crypto market anytime, anywhere? That’s possible if you’re going to log in to Coinmerce via the app. The process of accessing your account in the app is different than through the website. When you use Coinmerce’s app for the first time, you must first log in with the credentials you also use for the website. After that is done you can set a PIN or use biometrics. The process of the Coinmerce login via the app goes as follows:

1. Open the app on your mobile or tablet;
2. Accept or decline to log in with facial recognition or fingerprint scanner;
3. Enter your email address first, then your password;
4. Then enter the 2FA code if you have it set up;

Login via app Coinmerce 1

4. Choose a four-digit PIN;

Login via app Coinmerce 2

5. Confirm your PIN;

Login via app Coinmerce 3

6. The app will now open your dashboard. Depending on your settings you may have received a login notification via email.

What if Coinmerce login fails?

Forgot your password? Two-factor authentication not working? It may happen that you do not succeed in logging in to Coinmerce. Depending on the cause, there are several ways to solve the problem or report it to customer service. Whatever the possibility may be, be 100% sure that you have used the correct email address, password and 2FA when logging in through the website. Through the app, the same applies, but with the four-digit PIN.

Forgot password or incorrect

Have you forgotten your password or suspect that it does not match what you have entered? It is then possible to change your password. Changing it can only be done via the website! Take the following steps:

1. Open the website here. Scroll down and click on “Already have an account? Log in”;
2. Then scroll down and press “Forgot password”;

Reset password

3. Enter your email address and press “Send” and follow the instructions in the email.

Reset password request

Coinmerce pin code forgotten Android

Did you set a PIN and later forget it? It happens to the best of us. It’s not clear in the app what you can do then. Namely, there is no “forgot PIN” button and the PIN cannot be changed via the website. Deleting and reinstalling the app also offers no success. Only an Android device user can solve this problem and thereby set a new PIN and be able to Coinmerce login. If you have an Android device, please do the following if you have forgotten your PIN:

1. Open “Settings.”
2. Then go to “Storage”;
3. Select “Other apps”;
4. Then press “Storage options”;
5. Select the Coinmerce app.
6. Select “Clear Cache.”
7. Restart the app and login with your email and password;
8. Create a new PIN.

The menu can vary by brand of device where Android is installed on.

Coinmerce pin code forgotten iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the PIN on an iOS device. This is because there is no option to clear the cache of the app. You can still log in via the website to access your account. This can also be done via the browser on your device. So you don’t necessarily need the app. If you have forgotten your PIN on your iOS device, please contact Coinmerce customer service at for support.

Two-factor authentication doesn’t work

If you get a notification that your two-factor code is incorrect, it may be a result of you entering the code incorrectly or selecting the wrong one to enter. If you are sure you entered the correct one and still get the same message, then the following causes with Coinmerce login could be the problem:

  • There are multiple accounts where you have 2FA set up. Check that you have selected the 2FA that matches your Coinmerce account.
  • Time mismatch. The code that your 2FA app generates must match on a time basis with the generated code that the trading platform creates. If the time on your device differs from the time zone you are in, the codes will not be in sync. Make sure your device has the correct time zone set.

If the problem is not fixed with these solutions, reset your two-factor authentication on your device.

Contacting customer service

If the above solutions do not resolve the problem, please contact Coinmerce customer service at or visit the Crypto Information Center. When contacting make sure to clearly include or indicate the following information:

  • Brand and type of device;
  • Operating system and version;
  • Version of the app or browser;
  • The problem and possible cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The trading platform supports biometrics on the app for the devices that support facial recognition. The setting of facial recognition starts automatically when it is recognized and you open the app, after installing it. You can also decline the setting which will only allow you to log in via a PIN.

Biometrics is supported by the trading platform’s app. This only applies to devices that support the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is automatically recognized after you open the app, after which you have the option to set it. You can also decline this, which means that login is done via a PIN.

Coinmerce offers login security two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your account with your portfolio of credit and crypto. It is advisable to set this up! This is because it limits the chance for malicious parties to gain access to your account. The 2FA only applies to logins via the browser.

Have you forgotten your password? Is the 2FA not working? Are you getting an error message during login? Whatever the reason, for most problems you can solve the problem yourself. If you forgot your password you can reset it. If your 2FA no longer works you can reset it. But if you get an error message it is wise to reach out to customer service at

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