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To contact Bitvavo can be necessary for several reasons. You are new to the crypto market and would like to know more about how Bitvavo operates and handles your data. Or you need support, for example because a transaction did not go well. Whatever your reason to contact Bitvavo, the process should be clear and simple. Each crypto exchange or broker has its own ways of contacting them. The most common ways are e-mail, phone, contact form, social media, chatbot and live chat. A chatbot may not be the best and most personal way, but it can certainly answer many of your questions to help you get started.

Contacting Bitvavo is fairly easy, but can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. That’s wherein we are happy to help you. After reading this info page you will know and be able to do the following:

  • The ways to contact Bitvavo;
  • Where to contact Bitvavo;
  • How to contact Bitvavo.

Contact Bitvavo summary

Contacting Bitvavo is simple, accessible and can be done via LiveChat on the website and via e-mail. It is not possible to get support via phone and social media. Before you use any of these methods to get support, it might help to check out the help center first. Chances are you will find an answer to your question there. If you do need customer support, you will usually receive a response via e-mail within a day. Depending on how busy it is, it may take longer. If you contact them through the chat, you will receive a response within one to five minutes.

Stay alert and note that Bitvavo’s support department will never ask for your password or two factor authentication! They will also never ask you to install login software. If you get such requests, report it to Bitvavo’s Security customer service as soon as possible.

Contact Bitvavo key criteria

E-mail Bitvavo: Yes
Contactable: Every day
Contact LiveChat: Yes
LiveChat open: Business days
Contact by phone: No
Contact by post: Yes
Via social media: No
Fysieke winkel: No

Ways to contact Bitvavo

Of all the previously mentioned ways to get in touch with a customer service, LiveChat and e-mail are the ways to contact Bitvavo. There are time limitations of these two options on when they can be reached.


LiveChat is the perfect solution if you have questions and want to speak to someone live via chat. However, the chat is not available 24/7 and you cannot use this service at your convenience. Bitvavo’s LiveChat is available within the following hours:

  • Business days: 10:00 – 17:00.
  • Saturday: closed.
  • Sunday: closed.

Take the times when the chat is available with a grain of salt. There are times when it is available later than 10:00 am.


In addition to the chat function, you always have the option to contact Bitvavo via e-mail at your convenience. However, you can’t expect to get a response at any time of the day. The e-mail customer service is available for longer than the LiveChat and depending on how busy it is, you may receive a response within a day. Bitvavo can respond to your e-mail within the following hours:

Business days: 09:00 – 21:00.
Weekend: 10:00 – 18:00.

Where to contact Bitvavo

Now you know what ways of contact there are, we are now going to explain where to contact Bitvavo.

Through e-mail

Sending an e-mail is obvious, but to which e-mail address depends on your situation and subject. Bitvavo can be reached at the following e-mail addresses:

  • – for access and support on the platform.
  • – for all your complaints about Bitvavo.
  • – for how Bitvavo handles data.
  • – for security and support.
  • – for regulation and compliance.

At the bottom of this page, under the heading ‘Info and Social Media‘, you are able to click on the e-mail addresses to send an e-mail directly. Please do not spam your question or problem to every e-mail address. This can make it take longer for a response or even for you to be ignored.

Through LiveChat

Contacting through the LiveChat is a different process and relatively easy to set up. On the website of the exchange you’ll find a blue icon in the bottom right corner of the screen on almost every page. Clicking on the icon will open the chat, after which filling in your details the chat will start. This chat feature is not available in the app.

If the icon is not visible, the LiveChat is closed. Do not wait with your question until the chat is available again, but send your question or problem directly with an e-mail. It is possible that you will receive a response the same day, depending on the time you send your e-mail.

1. Go to Bitvavo’s website here.
2. Find the chat icon at the bottom right. If it does not appear, click on ‘Login’ at the top and wait for the icon to appear.
3. Click on the blue ‘Chat’ button after which the chat window for filling in your details will appear.

Contact Bitvavo LiveChat

4. Enter your ‘name’ here, the ’email address’ you use at Bitvavo and then your question or problem.
5. Press ‘Start chat’ to start the chat.

Contact Bitvavo LiveChat screen

Calling Bitvavo

Calling Bitvavo is not possible, as they do not offer customer support through telephone. Some crypto providers, as Coinmerce, do provide contact through phone where you will be helped by customer support. Several directory sites display the Bitvavo phone number, but this number is not operational and Bitvavo cannot be reached on it!

How to contact Bitvavo

When contacting Bitvavo, it is important that your question or problem that you want to report is as clear as possible. Regardless of whether you use the LiveChat or send an e-mail. Therefore, please provide Bitvavo with as much information as possible. The richer the information given, the better and faster you will be helped! Please do and don’t do the following when contacting the exchange:


  • Submit your question using the same e-mail address you use with Bitvavo.
  • Provide as much detail as possible about the question or problem.
  • Take screenshots of the page, transaction or other details and attach them.


  • Passing on sensitive information such as password, PIN or citizen service number.
  • Asking or sending the same question multiple times.
  • Spamming your question or problem to all e-mail addresses.
  • Expecting to get an answer within an hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your question or problem and its subject, there are five e-mail addresses you can use to contact Bitvavo.

Bitvavo will usually respond to your e-mail within a day, depending on the amount of information provided and how busy the exchange is. In vain, it may happen that a response is delayed. Please contact them again including your ticketnumber, if you still have no response after two days.

You can contact them by starting up the LiveChat thought Bitvavo’s website. Almost on every page you will find a blue button in the bottom right corner to start the chat.

When contact is made through the LiveChat, it depends on how busy it is when you get a response. Usually it is within a minute, but can also take two to five minutes.

It is not possible to call Bitvavo to get an answer on your question or problem. On several sites the phone number 020-2991754 is shown, but Bitvavo can’t be reached on this number!

Bitvavo has a business address and it is possible to send mail there, but this is not recommended due to possible sensitive information that may end up on the street. Also, the response time to your question or problem will be longer than via e-mail or the LiveChat.

It is not possible to contact the exchange through Bitvavo’s social media channels for questions and support. Given the sensitivity of any questions, it is not wise to address them e.g. via Facebook or Twitter.

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