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With the Bitvavo app, mobile trading is among the options. Also to take your first steps into the world of crypto. As a crypto provider you can’t avoid offering a mobile crypto trading app as well. Nowadays, ease of use and quick market entry are user requirements that a crypto provider has to meet. Traders and investors want to be able to buy, sell and trade crypto anytime, anywhere and quickly. Especially in a volatile market. With the Bitvavo app, this is easily possible! To use the Bitvavo app, you must first create an account and register through the website. Also, your bank account must be registered to your account at Bitvavo.

After reading this info page, you understand and can execute the following:

  • Which mobile operating systems the app supports;
  • How to install and login to the app;
  • What you can do with the app and how it works;
  • How to buy and sell crypto through the app;
  • What alternatives there are to the Bitvavo app.

Bitvavo app summary

The Bitvavo app was launched for iPhone (iOS) and Android devices early July 2020. Users had been asking for it for some time and Bitvavo also had to keep up with the competition as some already had an app. The app has already undergone some updates and at the time of writing version 2.0.215 is available for iOS and 1.0.100 for Android. To date, the app has remained fairly bug free and the updates have mostly involved feature additions based on user feedback. Throughout the app, the design is neat and user-friendly. It is definitely not a maze of options or where you need navigation to e.g. buy crypto. Everything is easily accessible. Logging in with a 5-digit code is also appreciated instead of an email and password. Today’s technological developments are supported by the app, including a dark mode and logging in by fingerprint or facial recognition. Overall, the Bitvavo app offers something for every trader. But, if you’re more experienced then the app lacks some key components as candlestick chart and limit orders.

Bitvavo app key criteria

App available: iOS and Android
Deposit crypto: Not possible
Deposit money: iDEAL and more
Withdraw crypto: Not possible
Withdraw money: Yes, via SEPA
Candlestick chart: No
Advanced trading: No
Best alternative: Binance app

Bitvavo app iPhone

The Bitvavo app is available for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad with iOS 12 or newer. You can download the app for free from Apple’s app store. At the time of writing, the app scores an average of 3 out of 5 stars across 980 reviews. Apple has strict approval requirements to offer an app from their Apple store, this can be seen as a confirmation that the Bitvavo app is safe and secure. How many times the app has been installed through the App Store is not known. As far as known, the features of the iOS version of the app are the same as those of the Android version.

Bitvavo app Apple Store EN

Available here: App Store

Bitvavo app Android

The Bitvavo app is available for all Android devices with version 7.0 or higher from the Google Play store. For example, for smartphones and tablets from Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, etc. Make sure you download the app as shown below. Avoid apps like ‘Bitvavo RNR’ and ‘Bitvo’! These apps are not from Bitvavo and the reliability of those apps cannot be guaranteed. The Android version of the app is free and has been installed over 100,000 times. The app scores a 2 on average out of 2175 reviews. The low score is mainly due to the new designs introduced in the app’s update at the end of 2021. According to many reviews, the usability of the Bitvavo app has decreased significantly.

Bitvavo app Android Google Play

Available here: Google Play

How to install the Bitvavo app?

Downloading and installing the Bitvavo app is a simple process. If you have already created an account and want the ease of use of mobility, we hereby explain how to install and get the app operational. Depending on your operating system, download the app from the App Store for iPhone or iPad (iOS) or from Google Play for your Android device. Make sure you choose the right one if you have an Android device! In this description, we used an iPhone running iOS 14.


Go to the app store and find the Bitvavo app and press download. This will start the installation of the app after which you can open it.

Download Bitvavo app NL

Preparing device

Just downloading the Bitvavo app is not enough to use it immediately. For security reasons the device you installed the app on needs to be known at the exchange and linked to your account. With this measure only you and your device can access your account. This process takes less than 5 minutes and the following steps will take you through the process.


Open the Bitvavo app, after installing it, and press ‘login‘ if you have already created an account through CoinCompare. You can sign up (register) through the app, but then you will not be eligible for the welcome discount mentioned earlier. Enter your email address and then the chosen password during your registration. For optimal security, we recommend also installing a two-factor code (2FA) via Google authenticator or Authy. Enter the 6-digit two-factor code, if you have one, and press ‘Login’.

Register device

Since you are logging in for the first time with your device, the first thing you need to do is to make the device known to the exchange. Bitvavo will send an email to you to confirm the new device. Open that email and press ‘confirm new device’. Give your device a name so it can be recognized in your Bitvavo account and press ‘Confirm device’. If everything went well you should get the message ‘Device Confirmed’. If this message does not appear, please contact Bitvavo and tell them where it went wrong.

Choose PIN code

Go back to the Bitvavo app and log in again. Choose a 5-digit PIN and keep it to yourself. Don’t share it with anyone! The PIN will be used to log you in from now on, instead of using your email and password. The PIN is also used when you go back to the app when the app is still running in the background. Confirm the PIN by entering it again and you will receive a notification that the ‘PIN is enabled’. As of now, the app is operational and the crypto journey can begin.

How does the Bitvavo app work?

After installing and preparing the Bitvavo app is up and running and it’s time to start exploring its features. When you open the app and log in, you start on the home screen. You’ll see that in the lower left corner with three other options next to it, the euro sign for ‘credits’, a bell for ‘alerts’ and a little figure for your ‘account’ details. We will go through all these options.

menu opties

Home screen

In the home screen, the total value of your assets in euro (€) and crypto is displayed at the top. If all is well it is now € 0.-, since no money has been deposited yet. The value is displayed in euros with a chart that can be set over a period of a day, week, month or year. The setting is done by pressing on the ‘chart’, after which it expands. At the bottom you get the option to set the period as desired. If you want to know what the value of your portfolio was on a specific date, you press on the chart after which a vertical line appears with a value and the date. Hold your finger on the chart and slide your finger left or right to display a more accurate date and value. When you’re done with the expanded chart, press the white arrow at the top or swipe the chart down.

Below the chart you will see a search bar, the credit in euros and all +150 crypto in alphabetical order. With the search bar you can look up the crypto you want. If you press ‘Credits’, next the euro symbol, you go to the ‘Credits’ menu. Press on a crypto then you will go to the menu of the specific crypto. Crypto menu can only be found via the ‘home’ button. If you own crypto they will automatically appear at the top below your credits.

Deposit and withdrawal crypto

In the menu of the crypto you will see the chart and the price of the specific crypto and where you also have the option to buy and sell it. Also, in the top right corner you will see three dots ‘…’ when you press them there will be a button with ‘Deposit’ to deposit crypto. However, this feature is disabled for all crypto for security reasons. Depositing crypto is only possible through the desktop application. Withdrawing crypto is also not possible through the Bitvavo app and must be done in desktop application as well.


With the ‘Credits’ menu, you have the option to deposit and withdraw money in the Bitvavo app. At the top of the menu, the total credit in euros (€) is displayed. That amount does not include the value of your cryptos. When you deposit or withdraw credit, it will be tracked in the transaction overview.

Deposit money

At the bottom left of the ‘Credits’ menu you will see the ‘Deposit’ button. This brings you to the menu to select a payment method. If you use a Dutch bank then you have the choice between iDEAL and SEPA bank transfer. If you use a Belgian bank then you can choose between Bancontact and SEPA bank transfer. None of these methods involve any costs. If you’re not a resident in the Netherlands or Belgium then you can choose other supported payment methods as EPS or Giropay. A SEPA bank transfer can be used if your bank does not support any of the other ‘quicker’ payment methods.

Withdraw money

You can withdraw your credit via the ‘Withdraw’ button. During your registration you should have linked your bank account to your Bitvavo account. When you press the ‘Withdraw’ button, you choose the bank you want to withdraw to. Choose the amount you want to withdraw or press ‘max’ and press ‘Continue’. You will get an overview of the transaction. Check the details and press ‘Continue’. Again the transaction overview will be shown after which you have to enter the two-factor code, if you have set one up. Enter this 6-digit code and press ‘Confirm’ to start the withdrawal. If everything went well you will receive an e-mail of the withdrawal.

Set up alerts

In the menu of ‘Alerts’ it is possible to be informed about price changes. This is an option to make sure you get a notification when a crypto reaches a set price, if you don’t want to keep an eye on the price all day. Press ‘Add a new alert’, choose the crypto you want to follow, set the price you want to be notified on and you’re done. All alerts are kept in ‘My Alerts’. It is possible to set multiple prices for the same crypto. You can remove a price by swiping the alert to the left and pressing ‘Remove’. When the crypto hits your set price, it can be found in the upper left corner of ‘Recent’. Make sure the push notifications on your device are set to receive these notifications!

Account details and support

The last menu is where your account information is. This menu is divided into these four subjects; My Account, Security, Settings and About Us. All four topics speak for themselves in the Bitvavo app where you can find all your personal account information, transaction history and settings. In terms of settings, we recommend that you make sure that under ‘Security’ the ‘Auto lock screen’ setting is on. This setting ensures that the app is not accessible while it’s still running in the background, until you log back in.

How to buy crypto with the Bitvavo app?

To buy crypto with the Bitvavo app, you need money on your account. This is logical, because you are exchanging your money for crypto. Before you can get started money must be deposited into your Bitvavo account. Please note that you can only deposit money with the bank account linked to your account.

Deposit money

Go through the following 10 steps to deposit money and add to your balance:

  1. Open the Bitvavo app.
  2. Log in.
  3. Press ‘Credit’ under the search bar.
  4. Then ‘Deposit’.
  5. Choose preferred payment method.
  6. Choose your bank depending on payment method.
  7. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  8. Check if the information is correct and press ‘Confirm’.
  9. Follow the procedure of your bank and check the data.
  10. And you’re done and able to buy crypto!

The money will be in your account within the same day, provided nothing has gone wrong or is checked at Bitvavo. If everything went well, you will receive a confirmation email.

Buying crypto

Once the deposited money is in your account you can buy crypto coins and tokens through the Bitvavo app. You can buy crypto from as little as € 5.-. Haven’t decided which crypto currency you want to buy yet? Then do your own research on which crypto currency you want to buy. Our coins & tokens pages could help you with it. Do you already know which crypto currency you want to buy? Great, we will then take you through the next 10 steps to buy it. Herein we have used Cardano (ADA) as an example:

  1. Open the Bitvavo app.
  2. Log in.
  3. In the search bar, search for Cardano.
  4. Press ‘Cardano’.
  5. Click on ‘Buy’.
  6. Enter your desired amount in euros (€) or;
  7. Press the arrows on the right to select the desired number of ADA.
  8. Click on “Continue”.
  9. Review your order.
  10. Move the slider to the right to confirm your order.

Information of the purchase can be found in ‘My Account’ under ‘Transaction History’. Selling crypto through the app goes almost the same, but instead of pressing the ‘Buy’ button you press ‘Sell’.

Pros and cons Bitvavo app

The Bitvavo app largely fulfills the needs of the starting crypto trader and partly those of the advanced ones. The app is accessible without bells and whistles and therefore user friendly. But what are the pros and cons of the Bitvavo app? Are all needs met or are there still flaws? We concluded the following:


  • User-friendly design;
  • Option to log in via biometrics;
  • Sort crypto based by price changes;
  • Possibility to select favorites crypto;
  • Receive notifications of rate price changes;
  • Supports languages English, Dutch and German.


  • No candlestick charts;
  • No stop-loss and limit orders;
  • Crypto cannot be traded for crypto;
  • Does not support crypto deposit and withdrawal;

Bitvavo app alternatives

Does the Bitvavo app still not quite fulfill your needs? Then what are the options to switch to another provider with an app? Since Bitvavo is an exchange, Binance is the first replacement provider. Binance is also an exchange with its own app, but offers many more options than Bitvavo. For example, if you want to apply limit orders or crave candlestick charts then Binance is perfect to continue your crypto journey there. If you want to switch, but it doesn’t have to be an exchange or comprehensive, Coinmerce, Bitladon, BLOX, LiteBit and Knaken are among the options for mobile crypto trading.

Register today and trade where and when you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

The crypto exchange from Amsterdam has the Bitvavo app available since July 2020 for iPhone and iPad with iOS 12 or newer and for Android devices with 7.0 and higher.

The Bitvavo app is available to be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store and from the Google Play store.

Login to the Bitvavo app will first be done via your email address and password. After that, logging in will be via a 5-digit login code or bio-metrics (fingerprint or facial recognition), if you have those set up.

Through the Bitvavo app it is possible to deposit money using the payment methods iDEAL, Bancontact, SEPA, EPS and GiroPay. Depending on where you bank the choice applies.

For security reasons, it is not possible to deposit crypto and tokens via the Bitvavo app. Crypto can only be deposited via the desktop application.

The app does not offer the ability to withdraw crypto. Crypto withdrawals can only be made through the desktop application.

It is not possible to place stop-loss and limit orders in Bitvavo’s app. Please use the desktop application for this purpose.

The app only supports line charts and no candlestick charts. Candlestick charts are supported in the advanced desktop application.

Binance is the best alternative if you are looking for an exchange with more features. If it may also be a broker then Coinmerce, Bitladon, BLOX, LiteBit and Knaken are among the options.

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