BLOX app

This is your sign, buy bitcoin from 1 euro with the BLOX app! No technical knowledge required. Still, a dedicated page for this mobile app is in order. At the broker from Nijmegen you can only buy and sell crypto through the app. It’s nice to know what you can do with it, but also what you can’t. Trading crypto with your mobile or tablet gives you enormous freedom of movement. With the BLOX app you are able to buy and sell crypto anytime, anywhere and quickly. Even when you go to the toilet at work.

After going through this page, you will know and be able to do the following:

  • Which mobile operating systems the app supports;
  • How to install the app;
  • How to register and log in;
  • What you can do with the app and how it works;
  • How to buy and sell crypto through the app;
  • What alternatives there are to the app.

BLOX app summary

The BLOX app is the perfect solution for the crypto-curious investor who has little to no technical knowledge and only wants to buy and sell. This is because it is not possible to withdraw or deposit crypto. The advantage of this is that you are not dealing with all those difficult terms like Proof of Work (PoW), private keys, wallet addresses, mining, you name it. “Child’s play”, as they say at the broker. You download the app for free from the Apple and Android app stores, after which you can immediately create an account, identify yourself and deposit funds via iDEAL, among other methods. Everything, absolutely everything, goes through the app. Even contacting the broker is possible in many ways, including chatting!

BLOX app key criteria

App available: iOS and Android
Account: Only through app
Deposit crypto: Not possible
Deposit money: iDEAL, Bancontact
Withdraw crypto: Not possible
Withdraw money: Through SEPA
Candle charts: No
Free credit: Yes, via COINCOMPARE
Best alternative: Bitvavo app

BLOX app iPhone

The BLOX app is available to download for free in the Apple app store. The BLOX app can be installed on Apple devices such as the iPhone and the Ipad, which run on the iOS operating system. The minimum required iOS version is 12 or newer. Under iOS 12 the app cannot be used! Apple has strict approval requirements when you want to offer an app in the Apple store. Because of these strict approval requirements, you can be sure that the app itself is secure.

BLOX app Android

Android users can also discover the world of trading in cryptocurrency in the BLOX app! The BLOX app is available for free from the Google play store and has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times. Smartphones and tablets with minimum operating system Android 6.0 are compatible to download the app.  Since Android is available on many devices, it doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung or LG smartphone, for example. The app is therefore functional regardless of the brand.

Installing the BLOX app

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Shame on you! To be able to trade using the BLOX app, you must first download and install it on your smartphone or tablet. The installation is fortunately not rocket science, but you have to go through a number of steps:

1. Go to the App Store on your device;
2. In the search bar at the top, type ‘BLOX’ and press search;

BLOX logo

3. As a result, you will see the above image with “BLOX crypto & bitcoin trading”‘;
4. If this matches, press “Download” (iOS) or “Install” (Android);
5. Approve the download and the installations shall take a few seconds;
6. There you go! The app is in the pocket and you’ve joined thousands of other BLOX traders.

BLOX app account en login

You have the BLOX app on your device! Awesome. Now the real work begins, because without account registration you can’t log in yet and therefore can’t buy crypto. After you have successfully created an account you have two options:

  1. Deposit up to 250 euros without giving up identity or;
  2. Deposit limitless and receive starting credit of 10 Euros with giving up identity to comply with current legislation*.

*Brokers and exchanges are bound by the rules imposed on them to enable crypto trading. One of the measures is the know your customer (KYC) policy.

Please note, that without giving your identity you cannot use our free starting credit of 10 euros!  But don’t worry, the process of identifying yourself is completed in no time and you can immediately cash in your 10 Euros starting credit with voucher code COINCOMPARE. Let’s go!

Create an account

You can only create an account through the BLOX app. As previously stated, it is not possible to trade through the website. Creating and managing an account is completely free and is possible through e-mail and social media accounts as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. We do not recommend to use social accounts as they are a sensitive target to hackers! Preferably, use a separate e-mail address with a unique password. Please go through the following steps to create an account:

1. Open the app on your device;
2. Press “Create New Account”.
3. Give permission to open ‘’.

BLOX login iOS

4. Enter the requested data here and press “Create Account”;

BLOX app account EN

5. If desired, read through the general information and then agree;
6. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail. Check it and confirm your account;
7. The next steps, including questionnaire, will then speak for themselves.


BAM! You go like a rocket. If you have completed the above steps then you are already automatically logged in. If not or if you have logged out and want to log in again, follow the process on our dedicated login page.

Confirm identity

Who are you? This is what BLOX wants to know in order to comply with current legislation. The purpose of this legislation is to combat money laundering and financing terrorists. So you can’t escape from it if you want to deposit more than 250 euros and want to receive that 10 euros free starting credit. The only thing you need to do to confirm your identity is to send a picture of your identity document. You can choose from documents such as a passport, ID card or driver’s license. The identification is done as follows:

1. Open the BLOX app and make sure you are logged in;
2. Press “Settings” at the bottom right;
3. Then, under my “Account”, press “Profile”;
4. Then choose “Verify Acocunt” which will start the identity verification process;
5. Choose your ID and give the app access to your camera to take pictures of it;
6. That’s it. Easy peasy. Your verification is now in process and if all goes well you will receive a confirmation via email within 24 hours.
7. Identity verified? Don’t forget our voucher code to receive 10 euros starting credit. Here’s how you can get 10 euros for free.

Not getting anywhere with the verification? Or do you have any questions? Please contact the broker. You can read the best way to do so our dedicated contact page.

Linking bank account

Before you can buy crypto and withdraw money from the BLOX app, your bank account (IBAN) must be known at the broker. We’ll explain how to add your euros in a moment, but first the following. Depositing can be done as little as 1 euro, but you are not allowed to deposit from a bank account that is not in your name. When you deposit for the first time, it may take a while before you see it in the app. This is because the broker’s administration department manually checks whether the ascription matches the details of your account. In most cases it is processed within 24 hours. Is it correct? Then your balance is immediately visible in your vault.

This is how you link your bank account (IBAN):

1. Open the app and log in if necessary;
2. Press “Vault”;
3. Then press “Deposit Euros”;
4. Press “Top Up”;
5. Now enter the desired amount and press “Choose Payment Method”;
6. Choose the payment method. In most cases that is iDEAL;
7. Process the payment;
8. Done deal! Give BLOX a moment to check the deposit.

How does the BLOX app work?

The BLOX app is not rich in bells and whistles, but it is built so that even your grandma and grandpa can buy crypto with it. After you download the app, register and log in, it will start on the main screen “Markets”. This is followed to the right by the menus “Vault”, “Invite” and “Settings”.

BLOX app markets EN


The crypto market is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unlike the stock market. When you are sleeping, someone in America or China is trading. Partly because of this, crypto can go down fast, but can also go up fast. The broker from Nijmegen therefore considers it important that you are able to always keep an eye on things. In the app, they keep track of all the prices and charts of the offered crypto.

In the menu of markets you can select your favorite crypto coins and tokens as favorites to navigate faster and buy and sell the crypto in question. You can also set price alerts, so you know when the price has reached a certain price and can quickly buy to get in low or sell to take your profits.


The name kind of gives it away. You can think of the in app vault as a wallet, where your credit and crypto are safely stored and kept. You don’t want your funds and crypto to be at risk, which is why BLOX always uses the best security measures. In this menu you can see the following when you’ve already traded:

  • Your balance;
  • The total value of your vault and the return;
  • The investments made and their history.

When you press “Balance” you can top up your balance, as explained in “Linking bank account“, withdraw from it and find the history of both. However, it is not possible to withdraw and deposit crypto from the app. You can read more about the vault or wallet in our dedicated wallet page.


Through this menu, after confirming your identity, you can use a code and share it with acquaintances in your area. By doing this the acquaintances receive free credit and you earn a percentage over the transaction costs.


The menu of settings speaks for itself what you can do with it and is divided into five topics:

  1. Account;
  2. Promotions (if running);
  3. Settings;
  4. Support;
  5. Legal.

What we would like to highlight is “Support”. Under support you can easily contact the BLOX customer service. The best way to do so is explained is on our dedicated contact page.

Buying crypto with the BLOX app

Is the deposited money visible in your vault? Great! That means you can now buy crypto with the BLOX app. You can buy crypto from as little as 1 euro. Do you have a crypto in mind? For example Bitcoin or Cardano. Do you think it’s the right time to buy? Then take the following steps in the app to start your crypto purchase:

1. Open the app and log in if necessary;
2. In “Markets” swipe down for the “Search” bar;
3. Enter there the crypto you want to buy and press on it;
4. Press “Buy”;
5. Enter the desired amount and then press “Preview Order”;
6. Check your order;
7. Everything to your liking? Then press “Confirm purchase”.
8. Simple as that!

Your purchase will be deposited in your vault. To find the order details, click on your “Investments”. Selling is done the same way, but via the “Sell” button.

Pros and cons BLOX app

The BLOX app is really for the crypto-curious investor who has no substantive or technical knowledge of wallets, blockchain, public and private keys, etc. The app is approachable without getting lost in the options and therefore very accessible and user-friendly. It all depends on what you are looking for in a broker or exchange to start trading there. Therefore, hereby the pros and cons:


  • 10 euro free starting credit;
  • Wide range of crypto;
  • User-friendly and happy design;
  • No hassle with wallet addresses, private keys, etc;
  • Log in once and stay logged in after closing the app;
  • Different options to sort crypto;
  • Possibility to select favorites crypto coins;
  • Receive notifications of price changes;
  • Supports language Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French;


  • Not possible to deposit crypto;
  • Not possible to withdraw crypto;
  • Cannot swap crypto;
  • No candlestick charts;
  • No stop-loss and limit orders;
  • Few offerings for the advanced trader.

BLOX app alternatives

If you find beforehand or find out later that BLOX’s app is too limited, there are also alternatives. It depends on what your requirements are which provider suits you better. For example, if you miss depositing and withdrawing crypto in the app, then you can switch to Coinmerce, Binance or Knaken. If you need advanced options like candle charts and limit orders, then Binance is again the best option. If you want more different crypto and cheaper prices then Bitvavo is a good option. In addition to the ones mentioned earlier, LiteBit and Bitladon also have an app that allows you to buy and sell crypto. So there is plenty of choice.

Register with our voucher code and receive 10 euros starting credit!

Frequently Asked Questions

BLOX’s app is available for free to download in Apple’s App Store for iOS devices and in the Google Play store for Android devices.

The Nijmegen-based broker has been live with the app since 2020 and is available for iPhone and iPad running iOS 12 or newer and for Android devices running 6.0 and higher.

BLOX only offers an app for iOS and Android smartphones. Therefore, it is not possible to buy and sell crypto via desktop or laptop.

The approach of BLOX is that you can buy and sell crypto simple, accessible and fast without any technical knowledge. To keep it accessible, it is not possible to deposit or withdraw crypto. You don’t have to worry about wallet addresses, private keys etc. in which expensive mistakes can be made.

Depending on your needs, you can go to many different providers. If you do want some more options, including depositing and withdrawing crypto via the app, then Coinmerce or Knaken is a great alternative. If you prefer to trade at an exchange because it offers lower prices, Bitvavo is a good alternative.

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