Coinmerce is a European crypto trading platform and is one of the latest to be established in the Netherlands. The trading platform that does not function as an exchange but as a broker, is one with a lot of options and perspective. A broker that focuses on usability and simplicity. Are you crypto-curious, are you just taking your first steps in crypto or are you not satisfied with your current provider then we would like to help you. In this intro page about Coinmerce, all the important aspects of this broker will be covered. In summary, you will soon know the following:

  • How we experience Coinmerce;
  • How to log in via web and app;
  • Trading via the app;
  • All the crypto they offer;
  • The wallet in which you can store crypto;
  • Whether you receive crypto interest through staking;
  • Where and how to contact the broker.

Coinmerce summary

Coinmerce was founded in 2017 by two brothers and in 2018 the broker trading platform was launched in Amstelveen. The brothers’ goal is to ensure buying and selling crypto as accessible as possible for everyone in Europe. The broker competes with Bitladon, Bitvavo and Knaken based on of offerings. After all, they offer more than 150 different crypto that can be purchased using iDEAL, among other methods. Besides buying and selling crypto, it is also possible to swap them at this broker. This can also be done via the app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. Due to the large variety and for a long time having the cheapest buying prices and best selling prices, they have been declared as the Best Crypto Deal provider of the year in 2019 and 2020 on CoinCompare!

Coinmerce key criteria

Amount crypto: 150+
Swap crypto: Yes
Fees: ~1,57% ave.
Payment methods: iDEAL and more
Deposit and withdraw: Yes
Mobile app: Yes, iOS and Android
Staking: Yes, 5 crypto
Contact: 4 possibilities
Languages: 3

How we experience Coinmerce

You have your eye on Coinmerce as a provider or want to switch to it, but are curious what other people think of it. Our extensive review on Coinmerce can help you make the right choice and choose this provider. For each provider that we support on our price comparison platform, we want to write a good and comprehensive review to inform you in detail. Read our review and find out quickly if this provider suits your needs.

Coinmerce review

Logging into the platform

If you are already registered at Coinmerce, the next step is to log in to the broker’s trading platform. This can be done via web and app and is a simple and streamlined process. You reach the broker by logging in through the web browser using your email address, password and two factor authentication (2FA) if you have it set up. Make sure you have this set up, if not already! How you log in? Where you log in? What do you use to log in? You can find out by clicking the button below and read all about it on our instruction page.

Coinmerce login

Trade anytime, anywhere

In addition to trading via desktop or laptop, Coinmerce’s trading platform is also available via app. The broker has a user-friendly iOS and Android app for all new and existing investors. If you are waiting for the bus at the train station or have a break at work, you can always access the market via the mobile application. So you can buy the dip anytime, anywhere. Want to know how the app works and what you can and cannot do with it? Then click the button below and read up on our dedicated page.

All crypto at Coinmerce

A broker uses the order books of major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. Therefore, as a broker, it is easier to make trading in multiple crypto available. Coinmerce, as a broker, has a large portfolio of coins available in which its clients can trade. You can invest in over 150 different crypto on the platform, including Bitcoin, Cardano and Shiba Inu. But which other ones do they offer? And with what fiat-currency can you trade them against? You can read all that and more in Coinmerce’s dedicated coins page.

Securely store crypto at Coinmerce

When you have purchased crypto from Coinmerce, you have the option to store them in a wallet. This wallet is online and is linked to your account. So only you have access when you log into your account. The wallet of this broker ensures that you have access to your crypto with the app anytime, anywhere, so you can quickly switch when you want to buy and sell. Using it is not required. It is possible to send your purchases to an external address. So you are not dependent on the wallet on the trading platform. Note that it requires a bit more experience and takes away from the ease of use. The broker from Amstelveen uses a cool-down of 24 hours before you can send crypto to an external address. This cool-down starts when you have created an account. You can read more in our dedicated page on how secure the wallet is and what else you can and cannot do with it.

Grow your crypto

Growing your crypto without dealing with it on a daily basis? Sounds like too good to be true, yet it is possible at Coinmerce. Through the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, this broker supports staking. Through staking, you get interest on the crypto you deposit. The percentages and possible returns per crypto are different and the rewards are issued weekly. Staking is not risk-free, by the way. The price and its volatility determine whether you can earn returns. If the price falls faster than the percent interest, you will suffer a loss. The purchase price is therefore important. On the other hand, if the price rises, you win extra because your reward rises along with it. Read more on our comprehensive page, which crypto you can stake, how much percentage reward (interest) you get and how to turn it on.

Coinmerce staking

Reaching Coinmerce

Whether you have questions or want to get support, the trading platform is easy to reach when you need to. You are able to contact them with your question or problem through various channels. In general, reaching a crypto provider is quite difficult. This can give you the feeling that you are not being heard. This will not be the case with Coinmerce. There are four ways to reach them and we will show you the best way to do so. Via the button below, you can read which forms of contact there are and how you can make use of them to get a response as quickly as possible.


Coinmerce has the mission to make crypto accessible to everyone, in an easy, fast and reliable way. The trading platform is a broker and is therefore connected to several major exchanges. Through the ‘smart order system’ the broker bundles the liquidity of the exchanges to automatically offer the sharpest prices to its users. The motto is therefore “cryptocurrency for everyone” which they want to achieve with a fast and reliable interface and large offer of crypto. We ourselves have experience with this provider and are satisfied with the hassle-free process from signing up to the first purchase. If you are a starting investor then it is best to take some time to get to know the platform and understand what you are doing. This crypto provider offers something for every investor with competitive prices and an up-to-date portfolio, where the starting crypto investor will feel perfectly at home.

Start trading or switch to Coinmerce!

Frequently Asked Questions

Coinmerce’s trading platform is accessible through the web browser for laptop and desktop devices and through the app for mobile devices. You log in via the web browser using your email address, password and two-factor authentication if you have it set up. Via the app you log in with a personal PIN code.

Coinmerce offers an iOS and Android app for every new and current user. With this app, you are connected to the market anytime, anywhere and can trade at your convenience.

Coinmerce has a large selection of more than 150 crypto. In that number you have the choice of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Ethereum and many others. Buying and selling is only possible with euro (€) trading pairs. In addition to buying, it is also possible to swap crypto for crypto.

Every purchase you make on Coinmerce’s platform is automatically stored in your account’s online wallet. It is possible to later send the purchased crypto to an external wallet.

It is possible to get ‘interest’ on some crypto at Coinmerce. If you have the crypto in question in your wallet and you have enabled the option, then you will start staking from that moment on. Each week you will then receive your rewards as ‘interest’ in crypto.

If you have a question or you want help because you’re stuck in a process, you can contact the broker from Amstelveen in four different ways.

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