Bitvavo is one of the many crypto providers among exchanges and brokers. Whether you are new to the crypto world or want to switch, choosing a (new) crypto exchange or crypto broker remains difficult without overview. On this info page we’ll go in depth and cover the most important aspects to help you decide if Bitvavo is reliable and fits your needs. In summary, you’ll soon know the following:

  • What we think of Bitvavo;
  • Latest news;
  • Logging in via web and app;
  • App and its features;
  • Storing crypto and the security;
  • The crypto markets they offer;
  • Receiving interest with staking;
  • How to contact them;
  • What users think of the provider.

Bitvavo summary

Bitvavo was founded in May 2017 and launched its broker operation for the European market from Amsterdam in 2018. Their goal is to bridge the gap between fiat money and cryptocurrencies with a ‘one stop shop’ format with accessible and transparent pricing, low margins and with a fairly extensive crypto offering. In March 2019, Bitvavo expanded its broker services to an exchange, becoming the cheapest provider in the Netherlands for multiple coins and tokens. Transaction fees start at 0.25% and can be reduced to 0.04% the more you trade. So the discount can go up to 0.21%! For comparison, some competitors have transaction fees of 3%. A year later they successfully launched a mobile app for iOS and Android. It also added the option to stake crypto to earn interest. The Amsterdam-based provider is currently the largest crypto exchange in the Netherlands for the European market in all aspects. With currently having over 90 employees. Due to the versatile offerings of around 150 crypto coins and the cheapest prices, they monthly turn over 5 billion euros in volume and have been awarded as Best Crypto Deal Provider of 2021 on CoinCompare!

Bitvavo key criteria

Amount crypto: 175+
Swap crypto: No
Fees: ≤ 0.25%
Payment methods: iDEAL and more
Mobile app: Yes, iOS and Android
Deposit and withdrawals: Yes
Staking: Yes, 17 crypto
Contact: E-mail and chat
Languages: 6

Our experience with Bitvavo

Before you start at Bitvavo, it can be nice to know what our experience with the provider is. It can help you gain insight into the crypto exchange without having to visit the site yourself. This applies to every crypto exchange and broker whose prices we compare. We want to write a good review of each provider to help you get started. Do you want to know more about what we think and how we rated the crypto exchange? Go to our extensive Bitvavo review.

Bitvavo review

Latest Bitvavo updates

Keeping up with the latest developments at Bitvavo can get you started on making choices that may be able to increase your returns. We keep you updated on news like the latest added crypto coins and tokens, awards won, system maintenance, changes in transaction fees and more developments on our dedicated new page. Read up using the button below and you’ll be up to date.

Bitvavo news

Login possibilities

Once you are registered, the process of logging in to Bitvavo follows. The crypto trading platform supports a web browser and an app functionality where you can easily log in with all devices like desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet. Ultimately, it is a personal choice what you prefer and use. Logging in via the web browser is done using your email address, password and two-factor authentication (2FA) if you have it set up. We strongly recommend the use of 2FA! Through the app you log in with a personal PIN number or biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition. Read more about where and how to login on our instruction page.

Bitvavo login

Trade on the go

Bitvavo offers a very user-friendly iOS and Android app for all its users. If you are on the bus or train to school or work and want to buy up the dip quickly, it is convenient to be able to do so right away. With the app of Bitvavo it is possible to trade crypto from any location and at any time of the day. That way you’re always on time. Want to know more about the app and how it works? Visit our dedicated page.

Bitvavo app

Storing crypto at Bitvavo

Bitvavo supports storing crypto in their online wallet of your account. When you buy crypto it is possible to store them securely in your account’s wallet. The online wallet makes it easy to access your crypto portfolio, so you can trade quickly and easily from one place. You do not have to use it, as it is also possible to send purchased crypto to an external wallet. However, it takes a bit more experience and work to make that happen. Note that they have a cool-down of 24 hours before you can withdraw crypto. The cool-down starts when you have created an account, linked your bank account, deposited money and purchased crypto.

Do you have crypto coins and tokens elsewhere and want to send them to Bitvavo? Because of the online wallet in your account, it is also possible to send and store those crypto to your wallet in your account. More in depth info about their online wallet can be found on the wallet page.

Bitvavo wallet

Crypto markets at Bitvavo

Bitvavo offers around 150 different crypto coins and tokens. All crypto, including the popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Ripple, are all exchangeable against the euro (€). It is not possible to exchange one crypto currency for another, e.g. Bitcoin for Ethereum. The possibilities of which fiat currencies can be traded against which crypto is visible as trading pairs. Trading pairs like BTC/EUR or XRP/EUR and many others display on the trading platform what you can trade. Learn more about which crypto and trading pairs are offered on the markets dedicated page.

Bitvavo markets

Earn interest on crypto

Getting interest on crypto as you are used to from a bank, is among the possibilities at Bitvavo with staking. When your crypto are in your account’s wallet, whether they are coins or tokens, you can receive interest on them. The process of receiving interest on crypto is called staking. Not all crypto support staking and if you want to use it, you will need to activate it in your account. The interest you can receive ranges from 0.50% to 10.00% on an annual basis. Learn how to activate staking and see how much interest you can earn on the following page.

Bitvavo staking

Contact information

You may need some support with a transaction or want to know how Bitvavo handles your data. Contacting crypto exchanges and crypto brokers should always be accessible. Unfortunately that’s not always the case, which is why we make sure you know how to contact the Bitvavo support desk. When you need the provider for support you can email them or chat with them. We explain how and where to do that with clear instructions on the next page.

Contact Bitvavo

What do users think of Bitvavo

We are satisfied with Bitvavo and in general the majority of users think alike. And rightfully so, because take a little time and you will quickly master the trading platform and feel at ease. Still, it happens that not everything is to your liking. This may have to do with the expectations and the experience of the user or that e.g. functionalities are not working properly on the trading platform. Whether it is the user’s mistakes or the trading platform’s shortcomings, it is nice to know what the complaints are to possibly save you from the same mistakes and experiences. Read more about the complaints in general.

Bitvavo complaints


Due to the wide variety of crypto providers, choosing one remains a time-consuming task. We can safely say that Bitvavo is an excellent crypto provider, both for the beginner and the advanced user. As a beginning user, you will have to find your way around for a while, but that goes for anything new. The experienced user might find trading with only EUR pairs a limitation or rather trades crypto for crypto in the advanced dashboard, which is not possible. Either way, Bitvavo has something for everyone. If you still have doubts after all the information, we have a crypto deal that might convince you. If you create an account today via CoinCompare you don’t have to pay any trading fees in the first week up to € 1,000.

Start trading at Bitvavo!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitvavo offers an app for iOS and Android devices. This allows you to access the trading platform and your crypto coins from anywhere.

You can log into the trading platform via the web browser, the app and tablet devices. Through the web browser, you log in using an email address, password and two-factor authentication if you have one set up. Via the app on your mobile device you log in with a personal pin code or biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

Transaction fees start at 0.25% and can be reduced to 0.04% the more you trade.

Bitvavo has a range of around 150 different crypto, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Ripple that can be traded. Trading is only possible using euros (€) according to trading pairs such as e.g. BTC/EUR or DOGE/EUR. It is not possible to exchange one crypto currency for another.

Crypto coins and tokens that you buy at Bitvavo can be stored there in the online wallet of your account. It is also possible if you have crypto elsewhere to send them to your wallet and store them there.

If you have crypto in your account’s online wallet, it is possible that you may be eligible to stake at Bitvavo. Interest rates vary on an annual basis from 0.50% to 7.50%. Not all crypto support staking. Check properly which ones do in order to benefit from the interest.

It is possible to contact the Bitvavo helpdesk via email and chat. The crypto exchange does not support phone contact.

We as users are satisfied and therefore have little to say about the trading platform from Amsterdam. Also on Trustpilot it is clear that users are satisfied, as Bitvavo scores a 4.5 out of 5 over 10,000 reviews.

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