Bitvavo login

Logging in at Bitvavo, after registering, is the start of your crypto journey. By logging in, we mean the process of accessing your Bitvavo account as an investor. The crypto exchange from Amsterdam has made sure that logging in is an easy and secure process. Bitvavo login is possible through the website of the exchange on your laptop or desktop and via the app. The choice of where and how you log in depends on whether you are involved with crypto on a daily basis and how often you want to trade or just want to hold for the long term. Ultimately it is a personal choice what you prefer and what you use.

Logging in is a simple process, but for the digital illiterate some support is always nice. Hence this info and instruction page and after reading it you know and can do the following:

  • Where to log in;
  • How to login to Bitvavo;
  • Which devices you can use to log in;
  • What to do if logging in fails.

Bitvavo login summary

Accessing your Bitvavo account is a simple and secure process. The crypto exchange from Amsterdam has made sure that all possible security measures are applied and available. This can sometimes be perceived as annoying by the user when, for example, you unexpectedly have to confirm the used device. Know that such safeguards have been implemented with the right intention to ensure that your money and crypto are safe. Bitvavo login is accessible from any device that supports Bitvavo’s website or app.

Bitvavo login key criteria

Access through: Website and app
2 factor: Available
Website login: E-mail and pw
App login: PIN code or biometrics
Device recognition: Mandatory
Recognized by: IP-address
Recognized by: Operating system
Login outage: Rarely

Where to be for Bitvavo login?

There are several ways you can log in to Bitvavo. The most common way is to log in via the website on your PC. Through the website, you use your email address, a password and two factor authentication (2FA) if you have it set up. Make sure you put the 2FA to use as well. It is an extra step in the process, but an important one that makes logging into Bitvavo more secure.

It is also possible to log in via the app. When you use the app for the first time you need to log in with your email address, password and 2FA and confirm the device. How to confirm the device can be read on our Bitvavo app info page or at the bottom of this page. If you have used the app before, you will log in with your personal 5-digit PIN code. In the app it is then possible to change the way you log in from PIN code to biometrics. With biometrics you can log in with your fingerprint or facial recognition. Logging in with biometrics makes it more personal and therefore more secure.

Login through the website

Through this instruction, we will explain how to log in to Bitvavo through their website. Open Bitvavo’s website here. Then click on ‘Login’ in the top right corner and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your email address here, that you used to create an account;
  2. Enter the password here;
  3. If you are using a 2FA, which we strongly recommend, enter it here;
  4. Press ‘Login’ and you gain access to your account.

Bitvavo login steps

Login through the app

If you want to enter the crypto market anytime, anywhere, Bitvavo’s mobile app is the perfect solution. Bitvavo login through the app is therefore a different process than through the website. After making the device known with your email address and password, you set up the device with a PIN. Haven’t done this yet? Then check out the instruction at the bottom of this page. How to login to the app is done through these steps:

  1. Open the app on your device;
  2. Enter your 5-digit PIN;
  3. The app will now open your dashboard.

Bitvavo login device v2

Access your account everywhere

Are you not using Bitvavo’s app or your own computer? Or do you have a new device or computer? Then it is not possible to log in to Bitvavo directly. In order to access your account, you must first confirm the device and make it known at Bitvavo. The following steps will take you through the process of confirming the current device:

Screenshots are from logging in through the website. For the app the steps are similar, but the design may differ.

1. Log in to Bitvavo;
2. You will then receive a confirmation email.
3. Open the email, check the details and press ‘Confirm new device’.

Confirm device

4. Then enter an corresponding name for the device.

Device name

5. If all went well the device should be confirmed. Press ‘Continue’ and you can log in to Bitvavo.

Device confirmed

If something went wrong in the process, check if you went through the process as instructed and if you entered everything correctly. If you are sure about that and you are still not successful after the second attempt, contact Bitvavo customer service. Information about contacting Bitvavo can be found on our dedicated contact page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to log in from everywhere through the Bitvavo website, no matter what device you are using. You can use a desktop, laptop, tablet and a phone for this purpose.

Bitvavo also offers an app where you can log in to enter the crypto market to trade anywhere, quickly and with ease.

You can log in through the website with your email address, your password and two factor authentication (2FA), if you have it set up. If you use the app, you will log in with a 5-digit PIN by default and have the option to log in with biometric methods such as fingerprint and facial recognition.

It is possible to log in on any device, as long as the device is recognized by Bitvavo. If the device is not recognized, then you must register it before you can log in.

It is not mandatory or required to use two factor authentication to log in with it. However, it is strictly recommended to set it up for more security.

If logging in fails and you cannot get into your account, please contact Bitvavo. Make sure that you have followed the login procedure and filled out everything correctly, before requesting support.

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