Bitvavo complaints

User experiences, e.g. in the form of Bitvavo complaints, can give you a good impression to register at this crypto exchange or not. A small disclaimer to take complaints in general with a grain of salt. A lack of knowledge or experience of users at well-known crypto providers is one of the biggest causes of given complaints like “unreliable” and “scammers”. Therefore, don’t read all Bitvavo complaints as an accusation that they operate deficiently or have poor service. The problem arises more often at the user himself than at the provider. By comparison, Coinbase is still used daily by millions of satisfied users and has a Trustpilot score of 1.5 out of 5. No single crypto provider has a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Please know that Bitvavo is doing its best and is constantly improving its service to minimize the number of complaints.

This page on Bitvavo complaints will give you a better idea of what to look out for and what to do if you have a complaint. After reading this info page, you will know and be able to do the following:

  • Whether there are any complaints at Bitvavo;
  • What the most common complaints are;
  • How to interpret the complaints;
  • What to do if you have a complaint about Bitvavo.

Bitvavo complaints summary

We can conclude that there are relatively few Bitvavo complaints and generally users are satisfied with the service. Most of the reviews, which have some form of a complaint, are about customer satisfaction and the unstability of the trading platform during busy periods. These two issues have the highest priority at Bitvavo to optimize them and thus improve its service.

Bitvavo complaints key criteria

Users satisfied: Yes
Free of complaints: No
Common complaint: No access
Filing a complaint: Yes
Complaints resolved: Mostly
Trustpilot score: 4.5/5
Google score: 4.5/5
CoinCompare score: 4.3/5

Bitvavo complaints about service

With over a million users across 27 supporting countries, Bitvavo is a big player in the crypto market by Dutch standards. Therefore, it is impossible to keep all those users happy and stop them from voicing complaints about Bitvavo. We at CoinCompare are generally satisfied with Bitvavo’s service. You can read this in our critical review.

Depending on your needs, knowledge and experience, you can avoid possible disappointments and complaints of a crypto provider. For example, if you want to swap crypto for other crypto, Bitvavo is not a good choice as they do not support it. You can read about this in Bitvavo markets. Nevertheless, there are users who complain about this and should have chosen another provider. Think about what you want from a provider. No provider is perfect and the complaints about Bitvavo are diverse.

The most common complaints at Bitvavo

Every user has the right to express his or her satisfaction in the form of complaints and compliments. But what are Bitvavo users most dissatisfied with? In order to get a fair overview of the most common Bitvavo complaints, we have divided them into ‘personal preference’ and ‘operational’. All complaints were collected through desk research.

Personal preference complaints

These types of Bitvavo complaints mainly stem from a difference in expectations and what Bitvavo offers. Think of conditions and requirements from the regulations and offering fewer options than competitor exchanges. The exchange from Amsterdam is not directly responsible for these complaints and unfortunately cannot offer a solution:

  • Having to verify a wallet address for crypto deposits.
  • New crypto not withdrawable.
  • No limit orders through the app.
  • Missing stablecoin and dollar pairs.
  • Not being able to withdraw after registering and buying due to cool down.
  • Commission too high.

Operational complaints

These complaints are the result of operational problems within Bitvavo. That the causes of Bitvavo complaints are unacceptable may be obvious, but they are not inevitable due to e.g. unexpected success. Consider problems such as “growing pains” due to increases in the number of users and failures of payment services. When Shiba Inu $SHIB was added to the trading platform in October 2021, the exchange underwent a live stress test that failed. One problem after another occurred and the platform became unstable. Clearly, they need to start assessing the impact of updates better to avoid the following complaints in the future:

  • No or late response from customer support.
  • Failure to communicate changes with staking.
  • Stalled and not processed orders.
  • Funds and crypto not visible in the app.
  • Spread illogically large (difference between buy and sell price).
  • Irregular wallet updates.

Filing a complaint at Bitvavo

If after reading this page you are sure that your complaint is legitimate, then you have the option to file it at Bitvavo. Please make sure you have consulted customer support before filing a complaint. The handling process of support and a complaint are different.

You can submit your complaint via It is important that you fill your e-mail as detailed as possible. Please include the cause and effect of the problem and also a proposal on how you think the situation could be resolved. Depending on whether everything is clear in the email, Bitvavo will do their best to respond within two weeks. This does not mean that they have a solution, but it does mean that they are addressing your complaint. The response will also indicate if and when they expect to have a solution.

We at CoinCompare hope that such a situation does not occur. In the unlikely event that problems do arise, we are unfortunately unable to help you with them. Our dedicated Bitvavo page may be able to help you further.

Bitvavo scam?

Situations can occur when the systems of the trading platform become overloaded and you cannot access your wallet, for example. This is extremely annoying if you are unable to take profits when the price is rising or if you want to limit your losses when the price is falling. Or when there is congestion due to too much traffic and a large spread arises. When these situations arise you may feel as if you are being scammed by Bitvavo. “Bitvavo is a scam” or “scammers“. This feeling occurs, for example, when the expectations you have of a trading platform are not met and you think you are losing your money. If you can’t withdraw money or use online banking, have you been scammed by your bank? Recognize that the meaning of a scam is a form of deception, a crime in which the perpetrator intentionally deprives another person of money or goods of value. You will never be scammed by Bitvavo.

Bitvavo operates with the right intentions, so you can trade in crypto. Stay alert at all times! There are certainly fraudulent companies posing as Bitvavo. Therefore, know that Bitvavo will never ask for your login details and wallet addresses. They will also never ask you to transfer money or crypto with the promise that you will get more in return! These are scams. Is it too good to be true and do you have doubts about the message you received? Then contact the customer service of Bitvavo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of users are satisfied with the exchange. On Trustpilot, at the time of writing, 87% of the 10,800 reviews are satisfied with the service.

No crypto provider has a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Bitvavo also has dissatisfied users with complaints. Of the 10,800 reviews on Trustpilot, 13% expressed some form of dissatisfaction.

The most common complaints at Bitvavo vary. The majority of users who have left a review have complained about customer service. There are users who get no response or late response or customer service does not come up with a good solution.

If you are dissatisfied with Bitvavo’s service, it is possible to file a complaint about it at the exchange. You can submit your complaint via Please make sure to describe the cause and effect of your problem. Also include a solution to the problem if you feel it can help.

There is currently no known outage at Bitvavo. However, as user traffic increases the trading platform may become unstable. If you notice this, please stop trading at that point before orders are processed incorrectly.

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