BLOX login

With BLOX login you open the doors to the world of trading in the ‘zeros’ and ‘ones’. Logging into the app is the starting point of your journey into the world of crypto. Of course you can only enter the app if you are registered after downloading the app. Just make sure you use our voucher code if you aren’t registered yet? Shame to miss out on free 10 euro starting credit, right?

The broker represents simplicity, convenience and user-friendliness, and this is also evident in the process of BLOX login. Still, starters can benefit from some additional information and instructions. For that reason, this page exists and after going through it you will know and be able to do the following:

  • Where to login;
  • What you need to login with;
  • Which devices you can use to login;
  • What to do if you can’t login.

BLOX login summary

With any provider, you have to log in to access your account with credit and crypto. Likewise with BLOX. You can only log into the broker’s app, as trading on the PC via the website is not supported. Getting access to your account can be done in five different ways, with the option of email address and password being recommended. The other four ways are possibilities to log in via social media accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn, among others, which we strongly advise against! An extra security like two factor authentication, to keep hackers out, is offered as an option. Make sure you take this into account as well.

BLOX login key criteria

Access through: App
Authenticator (2FA): Available
Website login: No
App login: E-mail and password
Biometrics login: No
Facebook login: Yes
Google login: Yes
LinkedIn login: Yes
Apple login: Yes
Device recognition: None

Where and what to use for BLOX login?

The BLOX trading platform is only accessible through the app. So you can’t log in via the website to enter the trading market. The broker from Nijmegen is unique in this, as they are the only one who only support an app. Once you have downloaded the app and registered, you can start the BLOX login process. You do this by entering your email address and chosen password. In the app it is also possible to log in with social media accounts from Facebook and LinkedIn and also with your Google and Apple account. We advise against these forms of login because it increases the vulnerability. Take the example that if your Facebook account is hacked, the hackers can then also access your BLOX account. You want to reduce that risk as much as possible.

Two factor authentication

To make sure your account is extra secure, it is recommended to set up two factor authentication (2FA). It makes logging in less simple, but you’re more certain that your credit and crypto are safe.

On which devices to log in to BLOX?

So at BLOX, you can only log in to the app. This means that you can only use mobile devices. The app is supported for all iOS and Android devices. This means that you can not only use your Apple or e.g. your Samsung smartphone, but also on the tablets of those manufacturers you can install the app and log into BLOX.

BLOX login process

It’s time to log in to BLOX! And we’re going to explain that process through email address and password in the steps below. Social login is not recommended and therefore no instructions are given. For the explanation below, an iOS device with dark mode was used. For Android devices the process is no different, but the design may differ. The process at BLOX login is as follows:

1. Open the BLOX app on your device;
2. Press ‘Sign In’;

BLOX login iOS

3. A notification will follow to open Press ‘Continue’; log in iOS

4. In this window you enter your ’email address’;
5. Then your ‘password’;
6. Mark ‘remember me’ and press ‘Sign In’.
7. After this the window with the charts opens and you’re logged in. log in iOS 2

BLOX login does not work

Are you unable to log in, after going through the above steps? Then find out where the problem lies. If a second attempt does not bring the desired result, it is wise to contact the BLOX customer service. The best way to do that is to read our dedicated contact page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is only possible to log in via the app. You cannot trade on the website and therefore it is not possible to log in there. The safest way to log in is with your email address and password. We do not recommend the option of logging in with social media accounts.

If it is not possible to access your account, it is a good idea to find out what is wrong or not working. If you have tried a second time and still don’t succeed, it is wise to contact customer service.

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