Bitcoin staking

With bitcoin staking you get compounded rewards when you stake it! Passive bitcoin earning, in other words. Sounds too good to be true, right? And yet, reliable exchanges and brokers on CoinCompare offer the opportunity to take advantage of it. However, the crypto providers do not give the same number of percentage rewards. In fact, some give more interest than others. Also, staking is not completely risk-free, just like trading crypto is not. After reading this page, you will know the following:

  • What bitcoin staking is;
  • The risks involved;
  • Where to stake bitcoin;
  • How to turn it on in five steps;
  • Which provider provides the highest rewards.

Key criteria

A few important key criteria to directly answer any questions involved with the ‘bitcoin staking‘ topic:

Bitcoin staking: At 3 providers
Period: Flexible
Payout: Daily
Stake via web: Possible
Stake via app: Possible
Highest reward: 0.80% p/y
Lowest reward: 0.50% p/y
Minimum deposit: 0.00052 BTC
Minimum purchase: 10 euro

What is bitcoin staking?

Bitcoin staking is an innovative way for investors and traders to earn bitcoins for free. Indeed, for free! Staking can be done in two ways, on-chain, through the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus and off-chain which includes several consensuses, including Proof of Work (PoW). However, off-chain staking is not officially a form of staking and is also sometimes called “Earn.”  This is because you do not receive a reward or interest through the blockchain by leaving the crypto in the wallet, as you do through on-chain. The reward of off-chain staking comes from two situations.

Bitcoin staking

Credit marketplaces and liquidity pools

The first and most common situation is that you make your bitcoin available to the provider who then lends them to internal or external credit marketplaces or liquidity pools. The provider receives a commission for this, of which you receive a portion for making your precious digital gold available. Exchanges and brokers have many customers and can therefore command high percentages from these lending platforms. It’s similar to how banks lend each other money to create interest on deposits. If you want to take advantage of this, all you have to do is leave your BTC in the provider’s wallet(s) and enable the service.

Rewards for using their platform

Another form, which many traders and investors do not know about, is simply a reward! The exchange or broker is happy with you as a customer and wants to thank and reward you for it. A condition without consequences is that the provider does count on you using the trading platform. If you don’t, you still receive the rewards with bitcoin staking. No obligations!

Risk at bitcoin staking

Nothing in the world of crypto comes without risk! Which, by the way, applies to investing, investing and trading in general. Let that be clear. Still, the risk with bitcoin staking is not as high as, say, investing in a meme coin. Ultimately, it’s all about doing thorough research into the party you’re engaging with. For passive crypto receiving, which includes bitcoin staking

  • Trading platform may go bankrupt;
  • Credit marketplace or liquidity pool may go bankrupt;
  • Credit marketplace or liquidity pool does not pay out due to borrowers not paying;
  • Platforms can be hacked;
  • You may suffer losses on your interest earnings.

The last risk may need some explanation. When the price of bitcoin falls harder in percentage terms than you receive interest, you suffer a loss. You limit the loss when you stake, but still suffer a loss. Therefore, always try to enter into a flexible term, giving you access to your bitcoin at all times to sell it as you wish. And, invest only what you can spare. The same goes for staking. Reserve or lend only what you can spare in bitcoin.


Crypto providers, credit marketplaces and liquidity pools are not banks and are not regulated as a bank or similar banking institution. Therefore, staking services are not part of any national or European deposit guarantee scheme and are not insured in any way.

Where can I stake BTC?

At the time of writing, there are three crypto trading platforms on CoinCompare, including one exchange and two brokers, that offer bitcoin staking. When it comes to the needs and desires for signing up with a provider, it is obviously not just about the amount of staking percentages, but it is certainly a factor that matters. The providers that support bitcoin staking are Coinmerce, Bitvavo and Bitladon. Each provider has its own conditions and height in percent stake reward. Below is the overview of the main terms and conditions and the level of interest rates:


0.80% interest per year (highest rate!)
Flexible term. Withdrawals and sales always possible
Minimum deposit 0.00052 BTC
Keep in wallet in account
Reward calculated daily, paid out weekly

Bitcoin staking Bitvavo

0.77% interest per year
Flexible term. Withdrawals and sales always possible
No minimum deposit
Keep in wallet in account
Reward calculated daily, paid out weekly

Bitcoin Meester

0.50% interest per year
Flexible term. Withdrawals and sales always possible
No minimum deposit
Keep in staking wallet in account
Reward calculated and paid out daily

5 steps to earn BTC with bitcoin staking

To passively gain more of the digital gold, you must first own them. For that, you must first be signed up with an exchange or broker to buy or deposit them. Therefore, these 5 steps to earn bitcoin with bitcoin staking.

Step 1: Determine what a broker or exchange must meet

With a crypto provider, you should feel comfortable, just as you want to feel comfortable with your telecom provider or insurance. So check carefully what a provider must meet. Should a crypto provider have lots of offerings, cheap prices, an app, staking services with high interest rates, be able to deposit and withdraw crypto, good reviews, etc. Pick three criteria that you think are really important. Let staking be one of them.

Step 2: Register and verify with provider of choice

In terms of staking services, there are three providers. Coincidentally, these three providers also have many offerings, relatively cheap prices, and an app among other things. Don’t have an account with these providers yet? Then take advantage of our promotions by signing up using the links below.

To Coinmerce! Buy bitcoin for 100 euros and receive 10 euros credit!

To Bitvavo! Temporarily pay up to 1000 euros no fees!

To Bitladon! No promotion!

Step 3: Buy or deposit BTC

You get the bitcoin staking rewards for free, but you first have to buy the bitcoins on which you get the interest. Of the three providers above, Bitvavo has the cheapest prices when you want to buy bitcoin. You may also have some BTC already in your account, but not with any of these providers. All providers offer the option to deposit, so instead of buying first you can also deposit the BTC and then put it on staking.

Step 4: Enable Bitcoin staking

After you’ve registered, bought or deposited some BTC, it’s time to put it to work. How to enable staking is an easy process to go through, regardless of the provider. For one provider, the staking applies to all crypto, for another you have to turn it on per coin or token. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are happy to help with the descriptions below for each exchange or broker.

Coinmerce enable staking

Bitvavo enable staking

Bitladon enable staking

Step 5: Earn interest on BTC

Did it work out? Great! Sit back and relax and let the bitcoins do its work. If not, you can always get in touch with providers Coinmerce, Bitvavo and Bitladon or contact us. The rewards won are calculated daily and paid out daily or weekly. The latter depends on the provider.


Note that you must leave the digital coins in the broker and exchange’s (staking) wallet for at least 24 hours to receive rewards.

Start bitcoin staking at the cheapest provider!

Frequently Asked Questions

By leaving your bitcoins in the provider’s wallet and engaging the staking service or earn, you start receiving interest.

Staking is itself is a safe process. However, you must take into account that the trading platform, credit marketplace and liquidity pool can go bankrupt, among other things. In these circumstances, you will almost certainly lose your bitcoins.

The best is hard to determine because it depends on your needs and desires. Is the highest percentage reward most important? Then Coinmerce is the best crypto broker to start staking there. This is because they offer the highest annual interest rate of 0.80%.

Dutch largest crypto exchange offers its customers staking services for those who want to take advantage of them. At the time of writing, you will receive 0.77% annual interest on your bitcoin there.

Dutch largest crypto broker offers its customers not only staking services, but also Earn options for those who want to take advantage of them. Coinmerce gives the highest annual interest rate of 0.80% on your bitcoin.

The Amstelveen-based broker supports staking services for many crypto currencies, including bitcoin. The annual interest rate they offer is 0.50%.

If you have a fully registered account, you can also deposit your bitcoin with them and put it on staking upon receipt. You do not have to buy this bitcoin from the provider to use staking.

Do you have a fully registered account? Then you can also send your bitcoins to the provider and then put them in staking.

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