BLOX is one of many crypto providers and believes that trading in cryptocurrency should be easy and stay easy. But what is BLOX? How does it work? If you are new or want to switch, this info page with all the important points about this broker will help you. We have highlighted the following topics for you and explained them in detail:

  • How to get free 10 euro credit;
  • How the broker works;
  • Our experience, opinion and review;
  • Logging into the platform;
  • Which crypto are offered;
  • How storing crypto is done and its security;
  • Whether they support staking;
  • Contacting the broker;
  • Reliability of the platform.

BLOX summary

BLOX loves Bitcoin! And their goal is to get other people to love bitcoin and other crypto too. The company does this by going back to basics and keeping it simple and approachable. The broker was founded in Nijmegen in 2018 and continues as a broker today. This means that your orders are not processed at BLOX, but at large exchanges like e.g. Binance. With only 1% in transaction fees, they compete with Coinmerce, Bitladon and Knaken, among others, and are often in the top 5 cheapest providers on CoinCompare. Buying and selling crypto coins can be done from as little as 1 euro and can be done via iDEAL among others and only via the app for iOS and Android devices. By only facilitating buying and selling crypto the broker keeps it simple, accessible and secure. It is not possible to withdraw or deposit crypto. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about wallet addresses and private keys.

BLOX key criteria

Welcoming bonus: Yes, 10 euro
Coins and tokens: 70+
Fees: 1%
Swap crypto: No
Payment methods: iDEAL, Bancontact, and more
Mobile app: iOS and Android
Deposit crypto: No
Withdraw crypto: No
Staking: No
Contact: Form, chat, e-mail and phone
Languages app: 5
Languages website: 3

Receive 10 euro welcoming bonus

CoinCompare is happy with you as a visitor and BLOX is happy with you as a customer. Because we want you to be happy with us too, you will receive a welcoming bonus of 10 euros, when you sign up on the broker’s trading platform using a voucher code. Read on to find out how you can receive this welcome bonus for free and without any effort. Be quick, the code is limited available!

BLOX voucher code

iOS and Android app

BLOX offers an app for everyone who has iOS and Android devices. This makes it possible to trade anytime, anywhere with a push of a button simply and securely via mobile and tablet. And that from as little as 1 euro. It is not possible to trade on the broker’s website. The website is purely for information and contact. More about the application and how it works can be found on our dedicated page.

BLOX app

Our experience with BLOX

We use the trading platform of BLOX. We are happy to share our experience and use of it with you in our own dedicated review page. Before you register on the platform, it may be useful for you as a beginner or a switcher to gather independent information about this broker. We want to write a good review about each provider to help you get started. You can read our experience, opinion and review on the next page.

BLOX review

In app login

Have you signed up with BLOX and can’t wait to receive your welcoming bonus? Then now is the time to log in to the app. The crypto broker supports trading only through the app. So you can’t log in via the website. You enter the platform with your email address, password and two factor authentication (2FA) if you have it set up. Make sure you set this up if you have not done so already. It strengthens your security. How to login and more details about it can be found on our dedicated tutorial page.

BLOX login

Crypto offerings

BLOX has a wide range of crypto coins and tokens. At the time of writing, there are 72 different ones that you can buy and sell using the euro (€). In addition to the commonly known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, they also offer Cardano, FLOW and Terra. Swapping coins for one another is not possible. It is also not known if this option will be available. We expect not, because it is an additional option that would make the trading platform less simple. Which crypto coins and tokens the broker from Nijmegen offers can be found on our dedicated crypto page.

BLOX crypto

Contact customer service

If you could use some support or you have a question about your account, data or other issues, you can contact BLOX customer service. Contacting a provider should be simple and accessible. In vain, this is not always the case, which is why we make sure you know what the best way is to contact them. If you need the support you can fill out a contact form, mail chat or call them. How and where to make contact you can read on the following instruction page.

Contact BLOX

Receive 10 euro credit today for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

The crypto provider BLOX operates its activities from Nijmegen. If you want to know how it works, you can always go there for a cup of coffee and an introduction.

Crypto provider BLOX is a broker from Nijmegen that acts as an intermediary between the trader and the exchanges where the trading takes place. Because BLOX is affiliated with multiple exchanges, they can offer you the latest crypto for the most competitive prices.

When you go to buy and sell crypto at BLOX, you can only do so through the broker’s app. Trading via the website is not supported.

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