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Staying up to date with Bitvavo news and the latest developments can help you to make your choices easier and possibly achieve greater returns. With the Bitvavo news page you can stay up to date with the latest developments on and around Bitvavo. The crypto exchange from Amsterdam regularly shares news via their blog. Unfortunately, not everything is shared and it’s also not in Dutch. This can make it difficult to keep up with the latest developments and we are happy to take care of that for you.

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After reading this page you will be up to date about the following topics:

  • Recent listings of crypto coins and tokens;
  • Awards won;
  • Changes in fees and staking;
  • Maintenance and Security;
  • Other Bitvavo news.

Bitvavo news key criteria

Own blog: Yes
News: Only in English
Prizes won: 5 awards
Recent maintenance: Yes
Recent listings: ApeCoin +19 others
Partnerships: Multiple parties
Cost news: Yes
Staking news: Yes
Recent maintenance: Yes
News via social media: Yes
Current outages: No
Bitvavo hacked: No

Bitvavo news: Listing coins

The big Bitvavo news was that over the year 2021 a total of 98 crypto have been added. You would think that the users of the trading platform would be saturated with that number for now. Nothing could be further from the truth. The market is developing at breakneck speed with the metaverse and NFTs, among others. Crypto providers need to keep up with this to ensure that they continue to innovate and can thus attract new investors.

Coins were added again in March and April 2022, making Bitvavo now offering 176 crypto’s. Read in this Buzz which ones they are.

  • April 14, 2022 – 20 new crypto coins and tokens

In this Bitvavo news are summarized in this Buzz, which is why the exchange eventually expanded its offerings to 156 different crypto.

  • September 8, 2021 – 15 new crypto coins and tokens

Follow-up to the August 30, 2021 buzz is a Buzz about the new listings announced in September 2021.

  • September 1, 2021 – 20 new crypto coins and tokens

The August 30, 2021 Buzz, we summarized which crypto have been added through September.

  • August 25, 2021 – 20 new crypto coins and tokens
  • August 18, 2021 – 10 new crypto coins and tokens
  • August 6, 2021 – 5 new crypto coins and tokens
  • February 15, 2021 – 28 new crypto coins and tokens

Bitvavo news: Awards won

In addition to the good news of adding nearly 100 new coins and tokens in 2021, Bitvavo also won a number of awards in that year. In total no less than four times in different parts and categories. Following that good Bitvavo news, we asked for a reaction after winning all those awards:

“Of course, winning these awards is just the beginning. These awards have only strengthened our conviction and belief in the power of Bitvavo as a community. We have many fantastic plans to continue developing and improving our platform in 2022 and beyond, and we remain as ambitious as ever.”

In 2022, the win series continues. In fact, Bitvavo win anothers “Best Crypto Exchange” award.

Best Crypto Exchange

March 30, 2022 – Bitvavo Wins “Best Crypto Exchange” at the IEX Awards.

Every year, IEX Golden Bull selects the best financial products, services and providers available in the market today. These awards have been given annually since 2007, and previous winners include ABN AMRO, Saxo Bank, and BNP Paribas. This year, to account for the now mainstream position of crypto in the financial industry, a new crypto specific award has been added for the best crypto exchange. We are proud to have won this award in the first year of its existence.

We are grateful for the recognition of our efforts as the best digital asset exchange in the Netherlands and as a part of the Dutch financial industry. We have always built Bitvavo with a special emphasis on the best user and trading experience and in order to make digital assets easily accessible for all investors.

Best Crypto Deal Provider

December 31, 2021 – Bitvavo  ‘Best Crypto Deal Provider’ 2021 at CoinCompare.

Best deal provider 2021 Bitvavo news

On CoinCompare we compare all buy and sell prices from all providers and at the end of each month we announce a provider that has the best prices. The provider that appears most often in a year is then the Best Crypto Deal Provider for that year. In 2021, Bitvavo had the best buy and sell prices for seven months and was therefore named Best Crypto Deal Provider 2021. Read more about this Bitvavo news here.

Best Public Solution

December 10, 2021 – Trading platform Bitvavo wins  ‘Best Public Solution’ at the Dutch Blockchain Awards.

The Blockchain Netherlands Foundation (BCNL) organized in 2021 ‘The Dutch Blockchain Awards’ election for the second time. Through the thousands of votes cast, the foundation was able to determine the winners of that year’s awards and Bitvavo was declared #1 in the ‘Best Public Solution’ category.

“We are proud to announce that we have won “Best Public Solution” at the Dutch Blockchain Awards 2021. The best is yet to come and 2022 will be our most exciting year yet. We will continue to work on our platform and create an even better “Public Solution” in 2022.”

Most Popular Financial Website

December 9, 2021 – ‘Most Popular Financial Website’ at Website of the Year election.

Every year ‘The Web Awards’ organizes a ‘Website of the Year’ election. The Website of the Year election is the annual online audience award for the best and most popular websites in the Netherlands. The nominated websites for this election are divided into 40 different categories such as Career, Dating, Sustainability, Games, Energy, Financial and many others. Bitvavo falls under the Financial category and was the first crypto-related company to be nominated for that category. The big Bitvavo news is that the exchange from Amsterdam has won the election and thus takes the award for ‘Most Popular Financial Website’.

Best Crypto Broker

October 15, 2021 – Bitvavo declared ‘Best Crypto Broker’ at Cashcow Awards.

During the annual BeleggersFair in the Netherlands, there are also elections organized by the Cashcow Awards. The elections are for 10 financial services companies where awards can be won for Best Broker, Best Investment Expert, Best Online Wealth Manager, Best Crypto Broker and many other award categories. In 2021, Bitvavo received the award for ‘Best Crypto Broker’.

“We want to thank our users who voted for us and made it possible for us to win this award. We appreciate your support and confirmation that the path we have chosen to make digital assets easy and accessible is indeed right for you.”

To be clear, Bitvavo is not a broker but an exchange.

Changes in costs and staking

August 27, 2021 – Changes in maker fees.

Benelux’s largest exchange announced in August 2021 that they will be making changes to their maker fees. The majority of users will not be affected by the change, as the changes will only take place from 1 million euros of trading volume over 30 days. The goal of the changes is to continue to grow without compromising the quality of the service.

The new maker fees and tiered discount are effective on September 13, 2021.

volume (30d) old new
€ 0+ 0.15% 0.15%
€ 100,000+ 0.10% 0.10%
€ 250,000+ 0.08% 0.08%
€ 500,000+ 0.06% 0.06%
€ 1,000,000+ 0.04% 0.05%
€ 2,500,000+ 0.02% 0.04%
€ 5,000,000+ 0.01% 0.04%
€ 10,000,000+ 0.00% 0.03%
€ 25,000,000+ -0.01% 0.03%

You can find more about the costs on our review about the exchange.

July 26, 2021 – Staking updates: Chainlink (LINK) added, yield changes, easier compounding.

In the Bitvavo news of July 26, three topics were addressed. In addition to a number of crypto that you can stake at Bitvavo, it is now also possible to stake Chainlink (LINK) on the trading platform. The annual return of $LINK is around 0.49%.
In addition to adding LINK, the Amsterdam-based exchange has also implemented return updates for a number of crypto. For as many as eight crypto, the annual returns have been reduced! The new yields apply to Ark (ARK), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Icon (ICX), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX) and Tezos (XTZ). And if you stake NEO (NEO), Ontology (ONT) and/or VeChain (VET), you will no longer get the “gas” variant of the crypto, but the crypto itself.

Find out more about staking and returns at Bitvavo on our dedicated staking page.

Bitvavo news: Maintenance and Security

October 29, 2021 – Scheduled maintenance on November 5, 01:00 CET.

Following connection problems on October 27, 2021, the most negative Bitvavo news that year, the trading platform expanded its systems on November 5. The goal of the expansion is to avoid congestion from peak traffic. It is a luxury to suffer from successes, but the consequences should not be felt by customers. For that very reason, you can be sure that the Amsterdam-based exchange is keeping a close eye on its systems and keeping its customers happy.

Other Bitvavo news

February 4, 2022 – Trading with Altrady crypto trading software at Bitvavo.

In addition to Bit Broker Trade and CryptoHopper, Altrady crypto trading software has been added which can help you trade on Bitvavo! With Altrady, you get the power to trade and manage crypto from many exchanges, including Bitvavo, in one app. Altrady has simplified day trading and automated trading. Altrady’s app gives you advanced trading tools so you can save time while making better profits. You connect Altrady’s tool with Bitvavo to make trading more efficient.

March 16, 2021 – Upgrades customer service and commitment to customers.

As a result of the tremendous growth in the crypto industry in 2021, Bitvavo has also experienced tremendous growth. With that growth, the active numbers in customers on Bitvavo grew significantly and increased the load on customer support. Unfortunately, customer support was not able to grow as fast as the number of customers to provide the same level of support. Bitvavo apologized for this and announced that measures would be taken. They have since done so and have expanded and enriched the following:

  • Expanding customer service staff;
  • Enriching self support on the ‘Support’ page;
  • Introduction of ‘Live Chat’;

How to contact Bitvavo can be read on our dedicated contact page.

November 11, 2020 – Bitvavo registered with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

As a result of legislation and regulations (WWFT) introduced in the Netherlands on May 21, 2020, crypto exchange service providers and wallet service providers that operate in the Netherlands must register with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in order to continue offering their services. The big Bitvavo news was that they successfully obtained this registration on November 11, 2020.

Info and Social Media

You can also stay informed through the exchange’s social media, in addition to this Bitvavo news page. All links can be found below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

With all the developments in the market (Metaverse, DeFi, NFT, etc.), Bitvavo has no choice but to start adding new crypto as well to keep its users happy. Therefore, new ones will definitely be added in the near future.

Bitvavo, the largest crypto exchange in the Benelux, has won no less than four awards in 2021! They have won awards such as the ‘Best Crypto Deal Provider’, ‘Best Public Solution’, ‘Most Popular Website Financially’ and ‘Best Crypto Broker’.

Today, the largest exchange in the Benelux ensures that its users and partners are aware of the latest developments within the company. This was different before mid-2021. It took some time before the exchange actively communicated the developments through various channels, including their own blog.

On November 5, 2021, the trading platform updated its systems to handle congestion caused by large traffic. The expansion of capacity has been increased to such an extent that it can accommodate its new users with ease for the next few years.

There are currently no known outages at the largest exchange in the Benelux. Outages are also rare, as the crypto market is 24/7 and Bitvavo does everything in its power to stay online.

It is not known if Bitvavo has ever been hacked. One can assume that it has not. As such, the trading platform has its security in place to prevent any kind of hacks and theft.

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